How to Turn Ecommerce Website Visitors into Paying Customers

How to Turn Ecommerce Website Visitors into Paying Customers

How do you convince first-time visitors to your site to become buyers of your product? This depends on how effectively you can nurture the customer in their journey.

A customer journey begins at the awareness stage and goes on till the purchase stage.

Customers need to trust your site and see it as the best option for conducting their purchase. What leads to building trust? What unique value do you provide to them? This effective go-to-market strategy is what’s needed for success.

As an eCommerce merchant today in a highly competitive market, knowing how to effectively turn traffic into sales is table stakes. In this guide, we’ll tackle seven simple ways to convert your visitors into customers.

1. Know Your Selling Point

If you’re like any other entrepreneur you know the importance of elevator pitches. An elevator pitch is a short pitch that you can get through to the target in a short elevator ride. When selling online this is as important as an in-person pitch. You need to communicate your value in the shortest time period available to you.

Sometimes less is more. When you provide too much information, that can cause visitors to tune out and stop listening to what you have to say. On an eCommerce site, people can’t scroll through page after page of content. Hone in your selling point and communicate what makes you stand out at the very first chance you get. Always reinforce your branding by including it inside different aspects of your site and branding.

The selling point should appear in your branding, inside homepage content, and also in product descriptions. The most effective way to communicate your selling point is through visuals. Use the procreate lineart brush to create great digital illustrations to use on social media and other places and sell more.

2. Create an Email List

The idea of building an email list may sound outdated but it still is a powerful tool. Thanks to social media, most companies don’t feel the need for an email list. Communicate with social media users and perhaps you don’t need a list. You don’t own the platform or your followers and that’s why they can disappear at any time. 

An email list offers a direct line between you and interested customers. When you collect emails you open the way to communicate with them and you can send discount codes and coupons too. It's one of the most effective email hacks for ecommerce businesses that drive wonderful results.

3. Segment Your Email List

When creating email lists, also do segmenting. One big mistake with new email lists is dumping all email addresses inside a single list. Different customers have different interests because they are at different stages of the customer journey. Segment your list by interest.

The more you know about your audience, the better you are able to serve them well.

4. Leverage Social Proof

With a growing amount of information on the web, it's no wonder that users block annoying websites on their phones. To make your website useful, you need to prove that it's trustworthy. How? Social proof is one of the best ways to build user trust. Testimonials, endorsements, and reviews are all different types of social proof. Social proof helps you tell others about the quality of your product and they are about 12 times more trusted than your own product descriptions.

The social proof should be shown front and center of your site.

5. Create a Better Website

If your design isn’t good, you’re losing customers even before they become part of the customer journey. Your website needs to care about users first and should be built to help them navigate easily. Don’t stuff your site with unnecessary content and design.

Less is more and that’s true for online businesses. Depending on how you build your eCommerce site, you can run basic optimizations.

Another step to consider when creating a better website, translation services are an increasingly essential component of website design. They facilitate communication with users from all over the world, ensuring that no matter where customers are accessing content, they receive a translation tailored to their cultural context and language. Having such services embedded in a website helps create an ideal user experience for visitors searching for information.

6. Build a Blog

Blogs are another integral component of marketing and help you build trust.

Even as an eCommerce Platforms you can address customer concerns and pain points on the blog.

The more information and value you can generate, the more they will begin trusting you. When you blog regularly your business becomes active, welcoming to users and more trstowthy You can showcase your best products too.

7. Boost Speed

Make sure the site loads quickly. If users are waiting for your website to load, they won’t stick around for long. People don’t have the patience for this and they want websites to start working quickly. This is a big challenge for e-commerce sites that often have too many elements- animations, images,  layouts, and everything else.

When your site doesn’t perform well it builds doubts about your company and you need to invest in both speed and performance.

8. Providing a Great Giveaway

Most landing pages try to earn an email by giving away something in exchange. Before doing anything else, you need to figure out what to offer in return to the site visitor.

What you give away depends on the audience that the business is built around. You need some research to figure out what your audience appreciates most.

If you’re a SaaS company you can benefit by providing product demos. This helps your site vistiros get a trial of your software to see if it meets their needs.

Create your Account

If yours is not a saas company you may want to offer a pdf that teaches the target audience that provides the solution to a specific problem.

The pdf giveaway should hit on pain point that the audience struggles with. If it doesn’t the visitors to your landing page won’t be compelled to enter their email addresses and access the content.

For example, if you’re running a dog training site and want to create a production niche here’s what to do. You would visit dog training forums first.

training site

You can sort the posts by their popularity to check for popular topics.

If you want to create a pdf that covers issues dog owners struggle with, look into these topics. Lots of people are looking for similar information.

You need to be able to impress site visitors with this pdf.

Make sure to both put in time and effort toward this. Readers of the pdf will be more inclined to read this than anything else you send them, because of the trust you earned with them.

This is the key to building a conversion funnel that goes on to generate new customers.


What do you think of the tips here to convert eCommerce website visitors to paying customers? Do let us know in the comments below.

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