How To Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy in 2022

Yash Prajapati
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How To Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy in 2022

In 2020, the approximate number of email users was 4 billion, which is more than half of the world's population!

Since the inception of email marketing decades ago, several new marketing channels have also emerged. Social media alone has exploded. Yet, as we’re fast approaching 2022, emails are still one of the most popular and effective ways to reach your audience.

If you are looking to promote a product or service of yours, then you can't ignore the email channel; the above stat supports this. However, if you are already using email marketing and not producing the desired results, you need some major tweaks. 

This blog features key points that would help you analyze what you were missing and how you could improve your marketing strategy. Let's get started!

Ideal Email Marketing Strategy In 2022

To get the results you want in marketing in 2022, you need a well-planned marketing strategy.

  • Build An Email List

Building a solid email list is the first step in operating a successful email campaign. However, purchasing a list is never a good idea because sending unsolicited emails to people will cause more harm than benefit. 

It will undermine not only the reputation of the brand but also the IP reputation by producing poor open rates, leading to future emails being labeled as spam.

Create a strong email list by engaging your audience with creative campaigns and offers like gift cards that encourage them to give you their email address. Another option is to turn the process of getting emails into a game by using a wheel of fortune or lucky draw.

  • Include User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is so much in demand that in 2022 it will be worth $600 billion to the global music industry alone. What makes user-generated content tick is the trust it delivers to the customers. It is authentic and reliable.

 Instead of hiring professionals, user-generated content is created by people who have an experience with the brand. 

People provide their experience about the brand through social posts, which gives the potential customer product insight before a purchase. About 90% of consumers admitted that their buying decisions were influenced by user-generated content. 

Including user-generated content in your emails would allow your customers to connect with your previous customer's views about your brand. But unfortunately, the word-of-mouth marketing done through user-generated content is hard to match.

  • Know Your Audience Better

Knowing your audience in a better way is paramount in all marketing types. A business built keeping the audience in mind provides tremendous results since they are the ones to who you will sell.

 Determine the audience that would benefit from your campaign and have actual needs for your products or services.

This will smooth up your process since you will not be wasting your time on audiences, not all interested in your services. Instead, you can direct this time to your favorable audience.

  • Keep Your Emails Contextual

Before writing emails for your audience, you need to remember that a person generally receives approximately 120 emails a day. Keep yourself in their place and identify whether you will open emails that are unrelatable and unattractive. 

The answer would be no! This would give you an idea of what is email marketing and why you need to keep your emails simple and contextual. Else your mail will get lost in the sea of emails.  

You can simplify this process by segmenting your list of audiences. For example, you can write and send different types of emails to assigned categories like "needs attention", "looking for offers", "fear of missing out", etc. 

  • Keep Them Transparent

It implies that you should always be open and honest regarding email marketing. Avoid attempting to obtain email addresses in a non-ethical way. It simply isn't worth it.

 Your audience will grow distant from you, your brand will suffer, and you run the chance of getting reported as spam.

Here are two real-world instances: Don't automatically select the opt-in checkbox; instead, use double opt-in. If your audience is willing to put more effort into it, let them check the box to get promotional materials. 

Then, ask them to confirm in a follow-up email. You might even go one step further and ask them to specify the kinds of emails they would want to receive.

  • Send At The Right Time

Timing is when it comes to email marketing. The open rate, click-through rate, and revenue per subscriber can all significantly impact sending at the optimal time. Online data indicates that the best days to send marketing emails are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

 Overall, it's best to send it throughout the workweek, but those two days, in particular, may have the highest open and click-through rates.

The hour is just as important as the day of the week. The ideal moment to send marketing emails is often when your subscribers take a break.

To find the day and time that will work best for reaching your target audience, you'll still need to conduct your own testing. However, finding that sweet spot in 2022 will allow your email to appear right at the top of your subscribers' inboxes when they check their messages.

  • Pay Attention To Email Deliverability

Since the beginning of email marketing, email deliverability has been a problem for marketers. Still, the issue is even more of a common marketing technique now that email is a problem. 

Returning to segmentation and contextualization, you should only send emails to the groups of recipients most likely to open them to increase email deliverability. Also, you need to keep your emails safe, which can do with PowerDMARC.

Your emails are then kept in the "inbox" category because this informs the mailing algorithm that they are not spam.

Other seemingly unrelated elements, such as content and inventiveness, impact email deliverability. According to this rationale, emails that don't appear or read well are discarded, impacting their deliverability in the future. 

Therefore focusing on an email marketing strategy with high deliverability roles is a no-brainer.

Wrapping Up!

With email marketing being so important, you need a brilliant email marketing strategy. This blog is a brilliant email marketing strategy with steps that would bring great success to your business. So, get your new email marketing campaign started today only!

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