How Pharma ERP Software can Help in Vaccine Manufacturing Facility.

How Pharma ERP Software can Help in Vaccine Manufacturing Facility.

Welcome back, this time we are here with a topic meeting the current situation and pandemic. We are here with the points showing how pharma ERP software can help the vaccine manufacturing companies to manage and control the activities. 

The vaccine manufacturers need to make sure that the quality standards are matched as the vaccine manufacturing process needs accurate and real-time information. The ERP software should be such that it centralizes the management and helps to make quick decisions. Such software helps to reduce the costs, maximize the efficiency of the unit and also streamline every activity. This will provide high-value output that is valuable and scalable at the same time. 

The vaccine manufacturing process itself is a whole process of enterprise production planning. Therefore like any other resource, it also requires a lot of planning to be designed appropriately in the first attempt. Before reaching pharmacy, it has to go through a lot of steps that include approval, testing, development, standardization, final production and lastly commercialization. 

To make sure that every process is carried out efficiently without any mistake or error, the selection of best pharma ERP software is the best idea. These systems are developed as such they provide maximum output with minimal costs, the right resources, high-quality standards and much more. Hence considering the vaccine itself as a resource, the ERP software can help to streamline its process of production. 

We are here with a few ways that can help to understand how the ERP software can simplify and speed up the process of manufacturing the vaccines. 

  • Automated processes :

The operational work is a burden for all, including the filling of excel sheets and arranging the data in an organized manner. If we talk about the process of manufacturing the vaccines, this operational work becomes a matter of life and death. The same process can include a lot of human hours whereas the software can perform each task automatically. 

  • Manage recipe :

Any vaccine is based on a recipe or formula and its formula is one of the top-secret parts for any company. The ERP software can store the correct proportions of the procedure and those same procedures are used in the manufacturing process of the vaccine. Also, the software can secure the data. The software provides limited access and the formula can also be saved and protected from cyber-attacks. 

  • Meet the requirements and guidelines :

None of the medicine can be launched if it does not adhere to the board’s approvals and compliance. The ERP solution can help to meet the FDA guidelines as well as GMP norms. The software can manage all the workflows, execute SOPs, approve controls as well as provide customer-centric COA to generate MBR and BMR and the audit trials. 

  • Manage the supply chain :

In a manufacturing plant, the supply chain is an important part. The ERP software helps to maintain a steady flow of every process and work right from the raw material to the completion of the final product. You can also manage your contract manufacturing with an ERP system, which is ideal if you're outsourcing your manufacturing process." This management helps to increase the throughput, reduce costs and also improve overall efficiency. This management helps to increase the throughput, reduce costs and also improve overall efficiency. 

  • Manage trials and commercialize :

Clinical trials are a commonly used word and we all have heard it a lot while waiting for the Covid-19 vaccine. One of the ERP’s jobs is also to maintain the database of all the clinical trial and their details. The ERP can store from the person’s details to the vaccine’s reaction and for such data, physical storage is not feasible. Hence the software easily stores digital documents for the same making tasks easier. 

  • Control quality :

The pharmaceutical Industry software have to uphold the standards of quality at the time of manufacturing the vaccines. For this, the cGMP norms are set in the ERP system and when the QC module is activated, the quality becomes a crucial part of every carried out process. The ERP module makes sure that the cGMP norms are followed and only the best material is used. The inappropriate raw material is removed as wastage or is returned to the supplier with the prepared documentation. 

  • Real-time data and resources :

A major thing for many production industries is the lack of resources in the middle of the production process. The same is the case with vaccine manufacturing. Especially when there is a shortage of vaccines in the current scenario, it becomes very important to have real-time resource allocation. The ERP software can simply allocate the existing resources to make sure that an equivalent quality product is produced. Also, the software will warn the management and supervisors if the resources run out of stock. 

  • Manage inventory :

The raw material is used for any kind of production and hence it must be ordered and tracked beforehand to have a smooth flowing process. The ERP software comes with inventory management rules that can plan and inform the users if the inventories run low. The supply chain management algorithm is used to suggest the optimal supplies and the order routes which can hence reduce the operation time. 

  • Reduce the expenses :

Production of vaccines just like other productions is itself a manufacturing process and hence many expenses are included in it. The raw material prices cannot be changed but one can reduce the extra charges such as delays, repetitions, overheads and breakdowns. The manufacturing ERP also runs the details of the diagnostic on the entire machine and set the maintenance plan accordingly. This helps to plan any maintenance expense or all the other costs required. As the upcoming expenses are already planned, the overall expenses are reduced that paves the way to increased profits. 


These were a few points stating how a pharma ERP software can help the companies in the task of vaccine manufacturing. In the current situation of the Covid pandemic, making vaccines available has become much more important as it can reduce the chances of getting infected. At such a point if the production speed is doubled with reduced expenses and overhead costs it can be a great help for the pharma industry. Also, the vaccine needs to have proper ingredients and it is taken care of by the ERP software. 

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