How to Grow your Salons & Spa Business with Software

How to Grow your Salons & Spa Business with Software

Technology and Salons work conjointly- an invaluable combination! Salon industry professionals working usually are so occupied with serving customers that it becomes difficult for them to keep up with the multiple customer appointments. This problem exacerbates in peak hours. That’s where spa appointment booking software can help! It is your Salon's personal assistance. The solution helps salon professionals manage their appointments or easily reschedule them. It also offers other valuable features to maximize business efficiency and boost profitability. This article aims to reveal how integrating the cloud-based management system is a win-win deal for your beauty and wellness business. So, without any further ado, let’s read on!

11 Strategies that boosts your Salon growth

Identify a niche and pitch-in

  1. If you focus on everything then you will get nothing. Prioritizing a specific niche market, you can stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, considering that Salons and Spas cost a dime and a dozen, being different is important.
  2. By spending time to determine what your customers require, and need (also known as conducting market research), you can directly satisfy these necessities. It assists in finding what services to offer, what products are required in inventory, which tone is needed to be used in the content, and which training is given to which Salon staff, etc. New Salon businesses can’t focus on specialization from the start, though when there is a market gap then, you have market zoning left.

Sell gift certificates or gift cards

  1. When it is about enhancing your Salon revenue, selling gift cards is not only an effective solution. By permitting current customers to buy gift certificates for their loved ones, you are not only increasing the footfall at your salon but are growing sales and letting them pay you in advance for the services.
  2. For motivating the customers to purchase the gift cards from you, assure that they are aware that you are selling them. Promote them at your website or in Salon windows, counters, or you can send emails for the same. Encourage your employees or stylists to promote at the right time. However, make purchasing an easy process- do not complicate it for your customers.  Salon software has boosted the e-gifting process, it enables the customers to buy gift cards easily. Leverage social media to advertise the gift certificates such as thank you gifts, Christmas or birthday or anniversary presents, etc.

Design a Referral Program

  1. With the right implementation of Referral programs, your Salon can have immense profitable opportunities. When one of your customers refers family or friends to your salon, they both can either get a free product or free consultation, money off or discounts, or buy one get one offer, or some free service, etc. And, bang-you secure a new customer! This way, you can satisfy customers and boost their loyalty towards your Salon.
  2. Undeniably, the referral program is the key to converting your struggling Salon business to a successful one. But, remember, when it is about offering rewards, you need to be strategic. The Salon Software's database can help here! From here, you can find services that are less expensive and less consumes less time. The other advice here is to not let your customers wait to refer the Salon to ten others before giving them the reward points.  Believe us- it is not going to work! Do not restrict them to some limit; you can keep it to three maximum and give them the desired rewards.

Implement a subscription model

  1. Indeed, the subscriptions result in a higher success rate. Recurring income allows turn-off services and subscriptions to continue to grow. Hence, there is no pitfall in integrating the subscription model into your own service offerings. For a subscription business, the major selling points are easy to use and are worth it. After subscribing, you do not need to be stressed about booking appointments, looking for cash, finding if the services are paid or not.
  2. Many Salons are benefiting from the subscription model. When you get subscribed to any of their service packages, you will be able to make a last-minute appointment. In view of the essence of cash flow to Salon business survival, the subscription model is a useful way to confirm recurring income.  Almost every Salon is struggling with cash flow, hence, recurring or membership payments can be predictable.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Marketing can be done either online or offline.  The days when businesses advertise their products or services on radio ads, TVs, or printing have gone. Now, the Salon business owners can create a powerful marketing campaign for free or in less budget on leading social media channels.
  2. Simple things like updating salon business pages on social media frequently can make your brand image visible and attract more customers. Posting images like, Before or After, hair-do's, make-ups, etc. surely can create a buzz for your beauty and wellness business.

Execute a frequent-flyer program

  1. Those who consider flyer programs are only for airlines should sharpen their knowledge. Implementing this program is as easy as offering client's an incentive to return. We mark it as one of the best ways to insist customers to re-visit you.
  2. Many Salons are using it for higher ROI. For new ones, you can give a 50% discount on their second visit. Its basic aim is to encourage customers to regularly visit- loyalty programs are its core feature. Loyalty programs have different versions; hence, if you don’t want to offer up to 50% discounts on re-visits, other ideas can be implemented.

Appointment Management

  1. The Salon Management Software allows its potential customers to schedule their bookings online according to their convenience. Even in their busy hours, they can book easily from the Salon software. They do not need to call to book or confirm the appointments. The solution authorizes them to check the schedule of the Salon staff and as per the suitable time, they can get themselves booked. However, it's the choice of Salon owners to either save or cancel the appointment. This is how you can operate your beauty business 24X7. Keeping an eye on all appointments is also possible with the system.
  2. Additionally, the customer management software saves the details of every customer; their previous buying products, mostly liked services, etc. The solution sends notifications before an appointment to the customer and the Salon staff. It helps the staff to prepare for the services the customers are coming for. Do not forget to ask for their feedback and if any changes they require. It is because to insist them that you value them.

Online Feedback System

  1. Your relationship with your customer decides if they will visit you again or not. Hence, maintaining or flourishing them is of utmost importance. The best way here is to get reviews from them regarding the Salon services or the products they are using. Use the Spa management software to send emails or SMS in bulk to invite them for the survey. You can offer them a discount for this gesture for their next services. Get benefit from this feedback system and change the services as per client's requirements and improve satisfaction rate.

Send Customers Regular Notification and Check-ins

  1. Of course, there is nothing more powerful or advantageous than a post-appointment follow-up or appointment notification system. Sending messages on an individual basis is a time-consuming task. With the Salon Management Software, the Salon business owners can automate this process and send a communication to many in one go. It is an ideal tool that supports easy communication with potential customers.

Grow Salon Visibility

  1. Powerful marketing lies in creativity, timing, and relevance. However, many Salon businesses are so deeply involved in day-to-day operations that they cannot spare a second of their own time. With passing days, they design and deploy a great marketing plan. The powerful salon software does not let you miss any sales or marketing opportunity.
  2. In the past, you had to pull a checklist of customers, think of their timings, write a compelling note, and then estimate and repeat the process. With Salon solution, you can do it right. Hence, instead of spending time in the process, let the results please you. Using the best system, you can give a boost to Salon sales, and the best part, you do not need to hire any salesperson or agency.

Report & Analytics

  1. When you are using the Spa management software for easy functioning of complicated tasks, like, reports,  you can work on making the Salon successful.
  2. Certainly, reporting is a tiresome task. Many of the Salon businesses feel dreadful while handling the Salon reports. Managing them with the hand in manual ways can take a lot of time and effort. Also, it is possible that you can miss any of the information in between. Here, a cloud-based Salon solution is a helping hand. It saves the data and gives access to the information whenever required in less time.

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Concluding Remarks

  1. The Spa Management Software helps Salon expand to its maximum potential. It has the features required to create lasting and successful beauty and wellness businesses. Regular updates with payments, appointments, client or employee management, inventory, etc. were never easier as now with these types of exceptional tools.  Vanish all your pains and let your Salon business taste growth. Do let us know your thoughts related! In case of any query, comment below. Thanks for reading!
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