Exclusive Interview with Vikash Arjan, CCO of Anideos

Yash Prajapati
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Exclusive Interview with Vikash Arjan, CCO of Anideos

→Introduction about Anideos and a brief contribution of IT Service Business?

Anideos is a well-known US-based animation and digital company. With over 2000 clients across numerous industries, Anideos has experience producing top-notch animations, websites, and mobile applications. The company is undoubtedly at the forefront of innovation in animation and tech.

Talking about my contribution, I lead innovation, set the strategic direction, and deliver outstanding digital solutions. My priorities include developing intriguing UX/UI for websites and apps, managing a creative team of animators and designers, collaborating with the marketing and branding department, and staying on top of market developments and new trends in tech to ensure we don’t miss out on something big.

→Inception story of your Anideos.

Enthusiasm and tenacity are what move Anideos forward. When it first started, its only objective was to help businesses ignite their brands with top-notch animation solutions. 

Anideos, a business specializing in video production, intends to change the market radically. To help startups and large enterprises scale up from scratch and keep up with the changing globe, we eventually entered the development industry by utilizing our vast knowledge in the IT sector. We aim to remain a major force in the tech and animation industries.

→How is your business model beneficial to the clients compared to your competitors?

Anideos is a leading animation studio with a distinctive business strategy from most other businesses. The business offers a customized production method, which expedites project completion. While we guarantee prompt delivery, this doesn't imply we forgo quality; our work is consistently of the highest quality. Additionally, quick service delivery takes less man-hours, which enables us to provide more services at reduced costs.

Cutting the production process while maintaining quality is an uphill battle, but Anideos consistently nails it.

→Which sectors is your targeted audience?

We cater to various industries, including entertainment, healthcare, education, food delivery, travel, and real estate. Our experience spans a wide range of industries, allowing us to meet clients' unique demands and provide them with the best results.

What is the percentage of your repetitive customers? 

Yes, it’s almost 47%. We have dealt with over 2,000 clients and are glad to have a good reputation in the industry. This has dramatically boosted our credibility and elevated us to one of the best choices.

→Who is your ideal?

Christopher Nolan, purely out of admiration for his work. His ability to show many timeframes inside a single tale, creative storytelling methods, and distinctive editing and directing approaches are exceptional. Some of my favorite films include Inception, Memento, the Nolan Batman trilogy, and now Oppenheimer.

→What are the four pillars of Anideos?

Human Capital: A company's success heavily relies on its people. A strong team of motivated, talented, and diverse employees is integral to achieving goals.

Innovation and Adaptability: Embracing new technologies, trends, processes, and ideas helps drive growth and sustainability.

Client-Focused: Effective client relationships and personalized experiences let us foster loyalty and meet diverse needs efficiently.

Corporate Social Responsibilities: Operating with integrity and ethical practices helps enhance our company's reputation and build stakeholder trust.

→How Techimply was helpful to you?

Techimply has been beneficial to us. It allowed us to develop a business profile that could ultimately increase our digital presence and allow us to reach a broad audience. 

→What are your views regarding Techimply?

Techimply is a fantastic listing platform that enables companies to gain prominence among potential partners and clients who usually look for top-tier digital or animation solutions. Businesses can benefit from building trust and reputation, exhibiting their offerings, and extending their reach in the digital realm by setting up a corporate profile on this site.

→Any other interesting facts and things you would like to share with our team

I can’t get tired of anime and can watch them all day. One of my favorite animators is Satoshi Kon, a director of Perfect Blue. Some of my favorite anime movies are Death Note and Naruto.

CCO & of Anideos:Vikash Arjan

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