Benefits of Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Tacking Apps

Divyesh Sureja
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Benefits of Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Tacking Apps

Regardless of the industry's size, sales representatives are pivotal in driving revenue and growth. The roles and responsibilities get more prominent in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. However, hiring and managing these sales reps are two different prospects. It's because you are not dealing with one or two but many sales reps daily in different locations and time zones. In the due process, most healthcare organizations fail to manage them and experience loss in the workforce and business management.

To overcome this, many healthcare businesses have started relying on automation. One such solution is the Pharmaceutical Sales Tracking App. This app has proven to be an effective tool in optimizing the performance of the sales representative workforce and making the most out of the available human resources. With the ever-evolving digital era, the sales rep app in healthcare is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

In this blog post, let's learn and understand the Sales Rep Tracking App, how it works, and its benefits for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. 

What is a Sales Rep Tracking App?

A sales rep app is a direct communication channel between sales leaders and field representatives. This app enables sales leaders to monitor the location of each field sales rep, schedule their appointments, review notes taken during client meetings, and access other essential details. 

Sales representatives can use the sales tracking app to guide their daily activities. They can access their daily schedule, attend meetings, and communicate with their managers or in-house team through the app. 

Similarly, managers can use the app to gain insight into the sales reps' day, including the duration and number of meetings attended and the topics discussed with clients.

Benefits of Sales Rep Tracking App

Tracking apps hold sales reps accountable but offer benefits beyond progress monitoring and performance evaluation. Here are all the significant benefits of using Sales rep Apps for healthcare and pharma sales representatives:

  • Save Time & Cost  

Enable your sales staff to directly access simplified reporting solutions from the field, like the Sales Tracking App. With real-time connectivity to the back-office staff, there is no need for your sales reps to travel back and forth to update the management team on their progress. 

This mobile app makes reporting effortless and provides best-in-class visualization, thus boosting sales effectiveness when your sales force representatives are in the field.

  • Enhance Productivity 

When all the manual tasks, including connectivity, communication, report making, and data representation, get automated, sales reps' productivity level touches new heights. They get more than usual time to focus on other vital work and get much work done simultaneously. 

  • Help Generate Real-time Data  

It is vital to document important information related to each appointment to help plan future visits or schedule any necessary follow-up appointments. 

With the sales rep tracking app, Medical Sales Staff can easily upload essential documents without leaving the interface, keeping all data in one place without hassle.

  • Helps in Track Work Performance 

The app provides sales workers easy access to their complete work schedule, including allocated tasks and appointments with doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists, all in one place.

The sales app includes a checklist with features that can significantly improve the efficiency of your sales team. It allows you to prioritize tasks and ensure they are correctly completed, reducing the risk of failing to meet commitments.

  • Accurate Route Planning 

The Sales Rep App not only displays the distance to cover in a day but also suggests ways to reduce travel time, avoid hindrances, and plan meetings efficiently.

If sales reps can cluster meetings and cut out back-and-forth travel, they can maximize customer-facing time, save money, and earn more sales.

  • Geographic Check-Ins 

The application's GPS software feature tracks the field representative's location. Once the representative reaches a client location, they can use the application to check in to the meeting. The application will also track the check-in and check-out times of the representative from the meetings. 

It will allow you to monitor the time representatives spend in front of clients and whether the meetings were concluded on time. By doing so, you can address any issues that arise before they become more significant.

  • Boosts Accountability 

Sales leaders who want to ensure accountability and motivate their sales reps often use tracking tools. These tools encourage many reps to adhere to company guidelines, use their time wisely, and perform at their best. 

While not every rep needs this level of accountability, it can help to identify and weed out those who take advantage of minimal supervision and choose not to contribute their fair share.

Understanding the tools used for tracking sales representatives and not micromanaging employees is crucial. When sales agents feel like their every move is being monitored and recorded, they may feel distrustful, which can decrease the quality of their work.

Instead, companies that utilize sales tracking applications should encourage representatives to recognize the benefits of these tools in improving their performance, productivity, and efficiency.

  • Enterprise Software Development

A Sales Rep Tracking App offers companies numerous benefits, especially in Enterprise Software Development. By leveraging such software, businesses can streamline their income operations, enhance productiveness, and enhance responsibility amongst their sales groups. These apps enable actual-time monitoring of income representatives' activities, including patron interactions, income visits, and deals development. With solid capabilities like GPS monitoring and performance analytics, corporations can benefit from valuable insights into sales team performance and optimize their strategies.

Furthermore, integration with employer software program systems allows seamless records to go with the flow across diverse departments, making sure of a cohesive method for consumer courting management and income optimization. Overall, a Sales Rep Tracking App serves as a valuable device within the arsenal of agency software improvement, empowering agencies to power efficiency and obtain more success in their income endeavours.

Sales Tracking App Cycle - How Does it Work?

Here is a brief overview of how Sales Representative Tracking Apps (SRT Apps) might function:

Once the admin fetches the sales representatives' details in the app, it will create a unique ID for each representative. Then, they will get the user ID and Pass to maintain daily check-in and out while performing their duties. Via the sales tracking application, the admin can do the following:

  • Location Tracking - Using GPS, we can track the physical location of representatives and record their visits to clients, prospects, and events.
  • Activity Tracking - The application may track the duration and content of calls, emails, and meetings in the representative logs based on privacy settings.
  • Performance Tracking - Say goodbye to the hassle of managing sales data and say hello to more time to focus on growing your business. The sales rep app effortlessly tracks and manages your generated leads, closed deals, and revenue.
  • Reporting and Visualization - The application compiles data and generates reports and dashboards, providing insights into representatives' performance, activity patterns, and sales pipeline health.
  • Coaching and Feedback - By utilizing data analysis, managers can strategically identify areas of improvement and provide personalized coaching to their representatives. This enhances the reps' performance and increases productivity and profitability for the organization.
  • Goal Setting and Tracking - Sales representatives and managers can use the app to set sales targets and quotas, monitor progress, and visualize results.
  • Route Optimization - Maximize your sales team's efficiency and minimize travel expenses with our app, which offers your sales representatives the most efficient visit routes.
  • Lead Management - Incorporating tools like lead scoring, nurturing workflows, and contact management can provide users additional benefits. 


Pharmaceutical and healthcare management sought an all-in-one solution to streamline their sales workflow. In due process, they encountered an ERP Software Development Services that provided a Sales Tracking App; since then, everything has fallen in line for many of them. From keeping in touch with reps to meeting feedback to tracking their performance and contribution to the industry's sales goals, they now have everything covered in a single app.

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