Top 5 AI Tools to Help You Create a Business Plan

Divyesh Sureja
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Top 5 AI Tools to Help You Create a Business Plan

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of businesses’ everyday lives. AI tools help promote businesses, make them visible, and even create business ideas and plans from scratch. Creating a business plan is also possible with AI tools if you know some of the most excellent tools. So, let’s talk about the reasons why you should use AI tools to create a business plan and discuss the best tools available.

So, let’s move on!

The Main Reasons for Using AI Tools for Business Planning

AI tools have a number of benefits and advantages for enhancing the business planning process. Let’s understand why every entrepreneur should consider AI tools before starting a business.

  • Time-saving: AI tools can save a lot of time for business planning by easily analyzing data, streamlining tasks, and providing insights. This allows employees to start focusing on other essential activities.
  • Affordable: AI-powered tools are mainly more affordable if you’re choosing between hiring a business plan writer or buying a tool. You can even find free options that will be quite helpful.
  • Scalable: AI tools can adapt and handle larger amounts of data as the business expands, ensuring continuous support for decision-making.
  • Inspiring: Choosing an AI tool can help you find inspiration and new ideas, suggest content for your business plan, and even improve your strategies. 
  • Organized and Accurate: Business plans generated by AI are well-structured and clear since they eliminate human errors. They're also easily comprehensible, which is advantageous when dealing with investors. AI tools can analyze vast data sets and rectify errors, which is a crucial advantage in financial forecasting.
  • Forecasting: AI tools give financial forecasts that are extremely important for business planning. They use historical data to predict trends and possible hardships.
  • Collaborative: With the help of AI tools you can work simultaneously with your team members in collaborative environments. This can streamline a number of processes and make them easier. 

Top 6 AI Business Plan Creator Tools

Now, when you have enough reasons to try out some AI business plan creation tools, let’s talk about some of them!

1. GoSmallBiz

A popular business plan creator tool is GoSmallBiz, that can help out with the business idea and growth. It can give you a business summary, description,  and product and service lines. Besides, GoSmallBiz can conduct marketing research and analysis. It also gives you instant feedback, so you can find out if your plan was effective or no. The advantage of GoSmallBiz is that it connects technology and human experience: it can carefully listen and suggest great solutions to various problems. 

2. PrometAI

With its expertise spanning various sectors, Business plan AI generator PrometAI furnishes ready-to-use templates and formulates content in accordance with industry norms. The platform incorporates robust financial forecasting algorithms and an interactive dashboard for data visualization and strategy refinement. Operating on a subscription-based model, PrometAI presents diverse plans customized to individual needs.

PrometAI provides smooth plan creation through the use of insightful data, streamlining the process and ensuring accuracy. Suitable for entrepreneurs at any stage, our platform guarantees that your plan adheres to your vision and meets industry standards, ensuring a smooth journey toward success. Writing a business plan becomes straightforward as it is founded on analytical data, assuring accuracy.

PrometAI goes beyond simple planning; it empowers users with tools for effective decision-making, analytics, and future forecasting. By leveraging PrometAI, you're establishing a strong foundation for your business endeavors.

3. LivePlan

LivePlan is a popular business tool that offers business planning guidance and help on the various stages of a business. It has 550+ industry-specific samples and templates for different industries and offers financial forecasting and collaboration features.LivePlan’s most unique features are the Live Guidance and detailed webinars. So, even if you have a very specific business niche, LivePlan is there to help!

4. Grammarly Business Plan Generator

The next tool is a simple AI tool that helps create a business plan summary and turns your idea into a plan. With grammar, you must enter your company overview, add some marketing details, provide information about competitors, fill in a financial overview, and get a ready business plan. The more details you give, the more accurate your business plan will be.

5. Simplified

Last but not least, the business plan creator tool is simplified. Simplified offers you AI-driven support to help you achieve success. It effortlessly guides you through the planning journey for small businesses. This way, you can make a lasting impression on investors with polished plans. Simplified required business details and goals to start with. Then, in a few seconds, you will have your business ideas on your hands!


After learning a number of reasons why you should use AI tools to generate business plans, you can try testing a few of them. Each of those tools has its pros and cons, so only detailed research and testing can help you find the best option for you!

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