List of Best POS Software for Your Business

Page Last Updated On March 04, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Point of Sale is the place where customers make transactions for goods and services. Point of sale software manages all of the transactions and keeps records of customers. with cloud-based POS Software, you can track inventories and make checkout for customers no matter wherever you are.

Point of sale software is used to conduct sales by retailers for cash register, inventory tracking, product input, billing & invoicing, tally the cost and conduct financial transactions.

Advantages of POS Software are :

  • Better Inventory Management.
  • Simple Invoicing.
  • Quick Payments.
  • Better Customer Management.
  • Better Customer Orders.
  • Better Purchasing / Supplier Order Management.
  • Better Customer Experience.
  • Better Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.
  • 24/7 Access to Data
  • Simplification of Operations
  • Personalization of Customer Purchases
  • Increase in Notoriety
  • Fewer Errors
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Time-Saving
  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Revenues
  • Advanced Reports
  • Multi-Store Functions
  • Technical & Technological Support

The top 5 POS Software available are :

  • Square Point of Sale.
  • Heartland Retail.
  • Lightspeed Retail.
  • Lavu.
  • Vend.
  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Online Point-of-Sale
  • Self-service kiosk POS
  • Multichannel POS
  • Terminal POS
  • Tablet POS 
  • Open-source POS Software

The total cost of any POS software in India depends on various elements such as complexity, the number of users, required hardware, required features, the period for which you are getting it and much more. A few of the software is open source and can be easily downloaded from the web whereas a few need to purchase a legal license for using it. Apart from the charges of the software, additional charges of the printer, scanner, cash drawer, extended services, extended warranty and more such as also included. In most cases, the return on investment on the POS software is positive and hence it eventually can help to compensate for your loss.

The top POS software is usually designed to meet the general requirements of businesses of all types and sizes. Yes, there are a few industry-specific software that is designed to meet the requirements and required features of specific business types but all the software are not such. Usually, the packages are designed with common features that relate to almost every industry and apart from that additional industry-specific features can be opted for by the business people by paying additional charges.

Yes, it is surely possible to do so. The point of sale software in India is designed to get shared over the business unit as well as with the partners of the business. The current software data can be exported easily and can be opened on any other device that meets the eligibility requirements to open the same.

Yes, it becomes super easy to analyze the data with top POS software. All the data is stored in the POS software in an organized manner and can be easily retrieved whenever required by providing the required credentials to access the same. The customized categories, sorting, formatting and much more help to analyze data in a better manner.

If your selected software runs in an offline mode, it will work perfectly fine even though you have lost the data connectivity. At such a point, the software continues to work even at the time of server interruption and keep on trying to re-establish the connection and upload the offline data immediately to generate reports.

There is no such rule of purchasing the software and hardware from a single vendor. However, the vendors do provide the facility of additional discounts on purchasing both. The cloud-based software can generally be installed over any device having internet connectivity and hence can work fine with any hardware. No vendor can force you to purchase the hardware and software from a single place.

Yes, the point of sale software in India store the data in a specified format on the web. Hence the same can be accessed from any place with any device having internet connectivity.