List of Top Fleet Management Software


Making Logistics Efficient

14 Days

SuperProcure is a cloud-based logistics workflow automation software. It helps in posting requirements, taking quotes from transporters and finalizing the daily dispatch allocation. It comes with the in-built reverse auction which automates the freight negotiation. View Profile

HELIOS - Fleet Management system

Software BY Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

HELIOS FLEET helps to manage all the activities from trip sheet, driver settlement, fuel tracking, TAT of vehicle, tracking, billing to attached or market vendor and financial control over fleet hub. HELIOS can be integrated with an ERP to provide a seamless solution. View Profile

Asset Vehicle Tracking System

Software BY Asset Telematics Pvt Ltd

14 Days

Asset Fleet Management System is a web based application with fully automated end to end solution that provides comprehensive, time centric,flexible and scalable solution for Asset tracking. With fully automated system it would provide online information about Asset location. View Profile

Lozics Transportation ERP

Software BY BNG Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

14 Days

Lozics Transportation ERP module provides ERP solution to SME sector. Can be managed logistics operation, fleet, warehousing, marketing etc. The user's unique requirements BNG Infotech undertakes complete software. View Profile


Vehicle Advanced Monitoring System

14 Days

Overview VAMOSYS - GPS Server, a new force that is all set to take the GPS Server Market across the world by storm.We are a large scaleGPS Service Providers. Building high-quality GPS Server is our core strength. View Profile

Vehicle Tracking System

MapGen Vehicle Tracking System


MapGen tracking system combines the installation of tracking device fitted in vehicle and web based software so that the customer can track their vehicle anywhere and anytime. Our company has designed software as per the requirement of the customer and most of the devic View Profile

Azuga Fleet GPS

Software BY Azuga

14 Days

Azuga Vehicle Tracking gives dispatchers and drivers accurate ETAs (estimated time of arrival), enhancing customer satisfaction to improve loyalty and retention, while raising vehicle and driver productivity using GPS Technology. View Profile

Ramco Logistics

Post-modern and cognitive ERP software on cloud

14 Days

Ramco Logistics ERP Suite is a unified cloud based software for Third Party Logistics service providers, Freight forwarders and Courier service providers. View Profile


School Bus Tracking Software

14 Days

TrackSchoolBus is school bus tracking software specially designed for school district transport management purposes. It has 6 unique apps for parents, transport managers, drivers, fleet managers, teachers and school bus attendants. View Profile


We help to grow your Taxi Business

14 Days

UNICO Taxi, a Versatile and Cost-Effective Taxi Solution with Taxi Dispatch System, that bridges the Gap between Taxi Companies and their Discerning Customers. Grow your taxi business with Unicotaxi's automated taxi dispatch software. View Profile


Software BY Ndot - Uniecommerce

14 Days

NDOT is the web-based company for Transportation and logistics industries. Basically suitable for an enterprise-level firm seeking after the mission to maintain organizations in a mechanically as parallelly economically. View Profile

ID Fleet Management

Software BY ID Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

ID - FM is a vehicle tracking system which helps to manage the movement of all vehicles belonging to your company. It is especially suited for small and medium scale industries. It has modules which helps in driver management, route management, safety management. View Profile


A complete Solution for Travel Agencies

14 Days

Travel Pro is eNvent's integrated software solution to serve small to large travel business to manage all their business activities including vehicle management, customer management, account and human resource management. View Profile

LogiNext Mile

Real-Time Route Planning, Tracking, Analytics

14 Days

LogiNext Mile provides automated optimization for delivery routes and resource capacity to reduce this cost up to 10%, primarily in number of kilometres travelled, number of resources required and has been voted as the route optimization software. View Profile

InfaGPS Fleet Management System

Software BY InfaGPS

14 Days

InfaGPS Fleet Management System is a leading provider of fleet management solutions with over a 100 active GPS devices on the field and growing fast.. We aim at offering innovative and cost effective vehicle tracking solutions comprising of hardware as well as software support. View Profile

Matrix Fleet Leasing System

Software BY ACG Infotech limited (ACGIL)

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Fleet leasing life cycle begins with the issuance of a fleet card and ends when the vehicle is taken off road. Among other things, the MFL comes equipped with fuel purchase management, maintenance work management, accident management, license management, Duty-slip  Administration, exceptions reporting and customer billing capabilities. View Profile

Fleet Manager

A vehicle mgmt system

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Fleet manager is an instinctive web app that provides cab management services for fleet-based companies of all sizes to manage complex tasks related to transportation and Logistics and much more. View Profile

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Things You Know About Fleet Management System

Fleet Management Software:

In general, Fleet Management is nothing but an organization of a particular organization’s vehicle fleet. The organization completely depends upon transportation and its function is used to minimize or reduces the risks included with vehicle speculation, increasing productivity, staff expenses. The fleet management software is considered as the application used in the companies for managing, organizing and coordinating the work vehicles.

The main aim of the fleet manager has to reduce costs, provide compliance and improves performance.

Functionalities Of Software:

The real-time data on vehicle operation can be recorded by using management and dispatchers. The fleet management the software may ensure idling time, driving routes, and work breaks. The tracking system used in the application is less expensive. Let see some of the important functionalities provided by the fleet management software are:

  •  Fleet maintenance
  •  Scheduling and Dispatching
  •  Quote and Price Management
  •  Cargo Optimization
  •  GPS tracking

The fleet management software is used to enhance the overall productivity of your business and helps to reduce mechanical problems. Some other functionality included in the application is vehicle disposal, government regulation, vehicle acquisition, driver license management, and license.

Benefits Of Fleet Management Software:

Enhancing Fleet Fuel Management:

The fleet management solution is generally used to reduce the repair bills by minimizing the unnecessary idling, fuel expenses, inappropriate moving, over-revving, amplifying the productivity of courses and hard braking.

Maintain The Customers:

You have to increase your product range and customers by providing more security to your clients and also the software will help to manage the perfect time.

Increase Drive Satisfaction:

With the help of the fleet management system, you can able to keep your great drivers by enhancing the driver visibility and by decreasing the manual work. The company has to provide safe driving and efficiencies.

Simple And Fast Communication:

The drivers can get proper routes and instructions through the fleet management software, within a single click of the mouse. A complete vehicle can be observed with the help of vehicle sensors.

Enhance Your Profitability:

The fleet manager can help you to save your money in various working expenses such as streamlining reporting, streamlining your fleets fuel proficiency, enhancing routing and better-overseeing driver execution.

Some other benefits included in the fleet manager:

  •  Enhancing productivity
  •  Helps to reduce the overall transportation costs
  •  Enhancing efficiency

Functions Of Fleet Management Software:

If you want to enhance your driver performance with vehicle performance, you have to prefer the fleet management software. Let see the tasks performed by the fleet management system:

Vehicle Inventory Function:

The type and number of vehicles can be varied from one company to another. Some of the small business owners only have few vehicles while the multi companies have different types of assets such as earth-moving machinery, forklift trucks, quad bikes, cars, trucks, trailers, vans, and some others. The software has also had the feature to manage whether the vehicle has been owned by the staff member for use.

Driver License Management:

The drivers must have a current and valid license for the vehicle what they are driving now in your company. A company has to need about your driver’s license expiry date and also to check if any of the demerit points or disqualification is received for the drivers. If your company drivers have reached a certain age or pre-defined period, you have to arrange the medical checks for knowing the eyesight power.

Some software’s are available to manage the work-time of the drivers. Most of the companies provide the training and other interventions by considering the driving performance and driver’s history.

Vehicle Maintenance:

The fleet management is used to monitor the maintenance program of the vehicles through own resources. The driver has a responsibility to regular checks, regular maintenance, pre-purchase vehicle inspection, and make sure about the reported defects have been rectified.

Vehicle Disposal Function:

If your company vehicle reaches its end time, the company has to dispose of it by own or returning it to the leasing company. The change-of-ownership form has been needed for vehicle disposal. The depreciation cost has also been calculated while going to dispose of your end time vehicle.

Tracking And Telematics:

The vehicle movements have been tracked by the Telematics with the use of GPS. With the help of the fleet management software, the company can get updates for every minutes or every second.

Cost Management Of The Vehicle:

Cost management has included fuel use, maintenance, depreciation, and other metrics. By using fleet, a company has to ensure whether these expenses are worth to the vehicle condition or not. With the help of this report, the company has to reduce the unwanted cost in the further month.

Thus, these are all the important details included in the fleet management software. Make use of this information, if you want to enhance your business level.