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Software development and IT consulting services

25$-49$ United States 250-999 1989

ScienceSoft  is a Texas-based service provider of software development solutions. ScienceSoft Company has their offices in the EU and Eastern Europe and also they provide their service in the 40+ countries around the globe. The firm of ScienceSoft has been solving digital and business challenges of large Fortune 500 small and mid- sized enterprises and start ups. View Profile

Dogtown Media

Creating the Mobile Future

100$-149$ United States 10-49 2011

Dogtown Media was founded in 2011. It is a Mobile application development company which is headquartered in Venice, California with a presence in San Francisco, New York city, Boston. Dogtown Media developed the successful mobile apps which has transformed the relationship millions of people have with the brands they trust. At Dogtown Media, we create the mobile future. View Profile

Promatics Technologies

Top Rated Mobile App Development Company

25$-49$ United Kingdom,India,United Arab Emirates,India 50-249 2008

Promatics Technologies PVT LTD is a Mobile App Development company. Promatics provides the services of Mobile App Development and Web Development. It designs, develops and delivers web and mobile applications that drive today’s businesses and enhances business capability, reduce customer acquisition lead times, accelerate top line growth, create better brand and ultimately beat competition.  View Profile

Zco Corporation

A Versatile Custom Software Developer

25$-49$ United States 250-999 1989

Zco Corporation is one of the best software development companies in the United States. The Zco Corporation is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire with offices in Boston. Zco offers a full range of Mobile app development solutions for their clients, including custom mobile apps, enterprise software and augmented and virtual reality applications from startups to enterprise organizations. View Profile

XB Software

Turning Your Great Ideas into Successful Web Solutions

25$-49$ United States,Belarus 50-249 2008

XB Software is a Custom software development service provider with a solid experienced and dedicated team of 150+ IT professionals who have expertise in Web and Mobile application development, Business analysis, UX/UI Design and Development, Quality assurance and other IT services. We completed over 200 successful projects throughout the globe and a lot of satisfied clients in Canada, UK and USA. View Profile


Enhance your business with us

25$-49$ United Kingdom,India 10-49 2011

Zerozilla Technologies  is a part of Shoba Technologies Pvt Ltd located at Bangalore India. It is one of the top Mobile app developments, Web development, Software development and Digital marketing companies in India, ZeroZilla understands the needs of the consumers and their affinity to evolve and grow. View Profile

Dawson Andrews

An independent digital product firm

150$-199$ United Kingdom 10-49 2015

Dawson Andrews  is a firm which is provides all kinds of digital product services like Product Management, UX, UI and Engineering Services. The Dawson Andrews work with world’s best companies and startups and develop their digital products as per their expectation and requirements. View Profile

iQlance Solutions

Leading Mobile App Development Company

25$-49$ United Kingdom,Canada,United States 10-49 2010

iQlance Solutions is a Mobile App Development company with extremely passionate and creative designers, developers and testers. It also provides the services like UX/UI Design, Web development. The company was founded in 2011 and its head office is located in Toronto. View Profile

Softuvo Solutions Private Limited

Let's Talk Solutions

25$-49$ India 10-49 2016

Softuvo Solutionsis delivers everything that ranges between Mobile app solutions to Web solutions. It is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified Organization for the quality and information security management systems. Softuvo Solutions is working with new ideas and start ups and builds an awesome, usable product for their clients. View Profile

ITA Labs

Custom development of high load pro backend

25$-49$ Russia 10-49 2004

ITA Labs Russia based Software Development Company which was established in 2004. Currently its head office is situated in Moscow city. The company is developing various types of software for their prestigious clients who are mostly located in USA, Europe, Africa and Russia. View Profile


Shaping Ideas Into Great Software

25$-49$ Ukraine 250-999 2012

Existek is software development and outsourcing company for small, medium and enterprises businesses. Existek provides the fully custom software development service for wide range of industries including business intelligence, education and healthcare. Currently the Existek head office is located in Vinnitsa with around 50-249 working people. View Profile

Codiant Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Mobile App & Web development Company

25$-49$ Australia,United States,United Kingdom,India 250-999 2010

Codiant serves a world-class Mobile App and Web App Development Services across various platforms. The team of Codiant is very experienced in software development and high-end methodologies. Its custom software development services cater a whole suite of industry and let them unleash their true potential. View Profile


We create world class software products & services

25$-49$ Russia,United States,Russia 250-999 2001

SimbirSoft  is a Mobile application and Web development company. The company specializes in the services like custom software, mobile applications, complex web services, desktop applications, client server systems and quality assurance services etc. The team of SimbirSoft is very experienced with software engineers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers solve complex business tasks for a variety of industries. They analyze and apply cutting edge technologies to delive Read More... View Profile

IIH Global

Intelligent IT Hub Pvt Ltd - Top Award Winning

25$-49$ India,Canada,United States,United Kingdom 10-49 2013

IIH Global was founded in the year 2013. It specializes in Software Development, Web Designing (UI/UX), Web Development services. IIH Global has built a solid reputation with international clients gradually. View Profile


Award Winning & World-Class, Websites & Marketing

25$-49$ United Kingdom 10-49

Web Choice  is Web Development & Digital marketing agency with a dedicated focus on creating and marketing websites that are responsive, secure and results driven. Web Choice utilizes the latest technology which guarantees fantastic results for the clients we help and support. The company is working with experienced team of designers who is designing Websites for global brands and start ups. View Profile



25$-49$ United States,India,India,India 50-249 2008

OM Software is Established in 2004. It is a web development firm specializing in e-Business optimization solutions for companies across the globe. OM Software offers a complete range of web-based application services including Mobile app development, eCommerce solutions, content management systems, lead generation tools, advanced programming capabilities, multimedia production, SEO and site globalization services. View Profile


Software for Market Leaders

25$-49$ United States,United Kingdom,Ukraine 50-249 2015

inVeritaSoft is a values-based custom software company which is Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, and being present in Chicago and New York. The company mainly focuses on building web (.NET/Node.js/javascript), mobile solutions (Flutter, Native, and React-native), QA and providing customers with team extension services. The inVeritaSoft delivers a quality services to their clients. View Profile


We know people

25$-49$ United States,Mexico,Ukraine, Israel 10-49 2013

KitRUM is building software solutions for large enterprises, new ventures, and NGOs in the most risk-proof and cost-effective way possible. The company has a team of most talented software engineers from Ukraine and Poland. The company was established in 2014 and its head office is located in Clearwater. View Profile

Octal IT Solution

Technology. Outsourcing. Simplified

25$-49$ United Kingdom,United States,India,Singapore 50-249 2007

Octal IT Solution is a worldwide IT service provider. The company is having a strong presence in UK, India and Singapore. Octal has repeatedly prescribed quality as its virtue. It provides services like Web Development, Blockchain Technology, IOT Development, Software Development, and Mobile App Development etc. Octal has earned notable associations from technology leaders like Microsoft, Acquia, STPI, NASSCOM, Amazon Web Services, Dun & Bradstreet and Drupal Organization etc Read More... View Profile

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List of Top Custom Software Development Companies | Best Software Developers

Things to take care in the Software development process!

Such software development is highly important for entrepreneurs especially who love to develops their business through the online mode. When you need such software make sure you are hiring the right software developer to have the best software that agrees with the vision and mission of your business. Here is some other importance that encourages you to have the software for your business.

What are the benefits of developing the software?  

In addition to boosting the productivity of your business, the software that you develop also has several other advantages like,

  • The value of your company will be increased

  • The overall quality of your business will be enhanced

  • The good competition will be created among the competitors and customers will choose the reliable ones

  • The flexibility of your business will be increased highly

  • You can reduce your expense in aspects like upgrading, training, license, etc

  • You can also have direct communication to the customers

  • You will have interactions with your potential customers

Why is it so important to have the software?

Easier automation:-

Whenever there is a development in the organization, the team will learn the complete things that are involved in the development of the company. The understanding process will help to have even more good workflow and automated opportunities. Further, they will also learn some key concepts of your business.

Easy to integrate:-

In any business, there will be different and all of them will be separated in their functions. With the software, it is possible to integrate them. For example, it is possible to integrate accounting and HR divisions so that the fair payments of variable compensation and salary will be faced easily. Moreover, the works will be completed in a short time and eliminate the requirement of huge manpower.

Safe and secured:-

It is easy to make your data to be safe with the help of the software. Even though there are certain hackers to hack your data it is possible and easy to save your data from them by using some of the encryption technologies. This will help you to maintain the data and to link with other software as well.  

How to choose the right software developer to your business?

Since the need for software is in the increasing there are also a number of different types of software developer found in the market. Here is some basic information that you need to find from them to choose the right one.

  • Discuss the coding: It is important to know about the codes that are used to create your software. You should be able to know the codes to change them if anything required in the future.

  • Look for the company profile: It is important to know completely about the company and how they will support you in all the aspects after installing the software.

  • Reviews for the company: The Company can do any strategies for marketing but the entire thing lies in the words of the previous customers. The reviews will show you the details of the company’s efficiency towards the software. Make sure you read all the information from the reviews. It is better to avoid if you find lots of negative reviews and also the ratings if it is lesser than 3.

  • Look for the testimonial: It is important to completely view their previous works. View their previous works that will give you complete information on how you will have your own software. Based on this you can speak to them and make the changes if needed depending on our business.

  • Look for the other technical aspects of the software: For the software to be useful even in the future and to make necessary changes in them it is important to have some strong technical features. Speak to the team with these things and when you are satisfied with them you can make a move.

Further, there are also several other requirements like on-time delivery, customer support, etc. Make sure you are concentrating on all of them. We at Techimply is also serving with such services to provide you the best software development companies based on your needs. You can approach us to have such a complete and fulfilled. Your software requirement will be designed based on the needs of your business after a complete discussion on them with you. Make use of the modern techniques of the technology and try to enhance your business successfully!