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Kaholo is an IT automation software that allows users to create multiple automation processes, including advanced ones like CI/CD, with an easier low-code workflow builder and unlimited integrations. With intuitive workflows and visuals, Kaholo allows any SEC and Ops engineer, QA, and Dev to get full visibility into all automation processes without the need to review complex and lengthy scripts. Kaholo's robust authentication and authorisation framework enforce regulations that prevent tool and resource exploitation alongside abuse. The software easily integrates with a company’s DevOps toolchain and can run the same workflows across any environment including hybrid, SaaS, and multi-cloud. Kaholo’s built-in templates can be started quickly with the low-code building process. Users can request a workflow automation template that its experts have designed for them. Kaholo’s automation plugins include access management, CI/CD, Cloud, CRM, Compute, Issue tracking, project management,

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