By Flowdash

Flowdash is an automated business process and workflow management solution that helps organisations focus more on developed products rather than on manual processes. Users can quickly build, manage, and customize workflows using drag-and-drop tools. Flowdash creates the right abstraction so that work management logic and businesses do not disrupt one another. When events happen in the application, users can push tasks to Flowdash with its easy-to-use API. On the other hand, if any actions are taken, users can close the loop after setting up a webhook. Flowdash’s in-built flow builder helps businesses iterate over their workflow and handle their requirements easily. The software also hosts a variety of features, such as Checklists, Forms, Log, Activity, Task tracking, and more, assisting businesses in high-functioning operations teams. Flowdash also streamlines the processes of customer onboarding and employees onboarding for easy management.

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