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BizNext is an ERP product which enables all roles in an organisation to perform their task, share information with team members or other department. It helps every user to create and share information with all concerned teams without any extra effort. This ERP Software tracks all type of business resources - Man, Material and Machine. The software enables every business owner to track planning with transactions.

BizNext interprets all information gathered and shares knowledge across various departments of an organisation. It brings transparency that helps in taking informed and precise decisions. With the audit feature, BizNext ERP system provides facts in case of any conflict between internal or external stockholders.

BizNext also enables two-way communication between any external relation or application with all available communication channels.

BizNext facilitates business owners or managers to define processes and policies, enforce them and  automate. This also helps in data governance.

Business Functions of BizNext

Some of business functions of BizNext are streamlined and automated processes across multiple business verticals:

  1. Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order to GRN and Quality Test.
  2. Sale Quotation to Sale Order to Dispatch to Outward Invoice.
  3. Approval Workflow – Multiple Type (Horizontal, Vertical, Conditional, Multi-team, and Department) and Multilevel (Company, Department, Creator, and Business Relation level).
  4. GST Integration.
  5. Financial Management – Cash Flow, Account Receivable and Payable, Budget planning and tracking, Management and Statuary reporting

Why choose BizNext ERP Software? 

The software facilitates the automation of important workflows for optimized business functions. This software automates daily tasks such as: 

  1. Order Management 
  2. Work Flow 
  3. Team Management 
  4. Finance
  5. Moderation of Manufacturing Unit
  6. Business Analytics 

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