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Thinkogic is at the forefront of digital innovation, developing disruptive solutions for startups and Fortune 500 enterprises. With a devoted team of over 50 experienced and energetic experts, we are digital architects, creating solutions that move you forward. As a lighthouse in the worldwide mobile app development environment, we welcome challenges and pioneer innovations with each project we take on. Our dedication to perfection pushes us to provide full-cycle app development services, all managed by our enthusiastic in-house staff. Let us begin on an innovative and successful path to realizing your dreams.

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Thane, Maharashtra 401107 India


Company Name: Thinkogic
Headquarter: India
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At the heart of our venture lies a dynamic and accomplished multidisciplinary team, fueled by a shared passion for innovation and excellence. With a proven track record that speaks volumes, we are driven by a relentless desire to create software solutions that meet and surpass expectations.

We believe in the power of collaboration, recognizing that the most remarkable outcomes are achieved when exceptional minds come together. Our team thrives on diversity, bringing together strategists, thinkers, and innovators from various domains to weave a tapestry of creativity and expertise.

Every line of code we write, every interface we design, and every solution we architect are a reflection of our commitment to delighting users. Our approach goes beyond functionality; we are dedicated to crafting experiences that resonate on a human level. We understand that the actual value of software lies not only in its technical prowess but in its ability to seamlessly integrate into people's lives.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, we stand as pioneers, embracing challenges as opportunities to redefine the boundaries of what's possible. We envision a world where software isn't just a tool but a catalyst for transformation – whether it's simplifying complex processes, amplifying business growth, or enhancing daily experiences.

As we embark on this journey, we extend an open invitation to kindred spirits who share our vision. If you are a strategist with a penchant for envisioning the big picture, a thinker who revels in the details, or an innovator who thrives on pushing the envelope, we invite you to join forces. Together, we will sculpt the future, one elegant line of code at a time.

Welcome to a realm where imagination knows no bounds, where innovation knows no limits. Welcome to the symphony of minds that shape software into art, into impact, and into a source of endless inspiration.

Vision: Utilize all resources efficiently and effectively to achieve the organization's objective of serving people.

Mission: To become a chosen destination for IT services in sophisticated technologies with worldwide reach. A vibrant way of life where faith, wellness, and community thrive.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thinkogic charge average 11$-24$/hour.

Head quarter of Thinkogic is at India.

Thinkogic Founded in 2019.

The Industries of Thinkogic are as follows : Education, Finance, Startups, Enterprise, E-commerce, Real Estate, Healthcare, Gaming , Telecom, Banking, Food / Beverage, Hospitality, Retail, BFSI, Information Technology, Manufacturing , Pharmaceuticals, Software & Technology, Transportation, ECommerce, Airline, Hotel & Restaurant, Fitness, Government, Food & Beverage, FMCG, Banking & Mortgage, SaaS software

Thinkogic have team of 10-49 people.

Hybrid, wearable, iphone, Android App Development .