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Sirin Software

Linux, Embedded and IoT Service provider

United States,Ukraine

Sirin Software is IT service company with the delivery center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our core business is Embedded Systems, Server Side Programming, IoT Solutions, Web and Mobile App Development. We have both hardware and software expertise.

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United States
Sirin Software
Sanford , Florida 32772 United States
Sirin Software
Kyiv, Western Ukraine 04071 Ukraine


Timeline: 16 weeks   Amount: Not Disclosed

TECHNOLOGY SET Visual Studio 2017 NET Framework 4.6.2-4.7 C# 7.0 WPF, XAML LINQ TPL MySQL (MySQL Workbench, MySQL Connector, MySQL 5.7) HALCON 12 CLIENT BACKGROUND Our customer is a high-tech company specializing in developing and delivering fully-automated 3D inspection cells. Their systems provide inline optical quality controls and/or 3-dimensional measurements for the shopfloor. BUSINESS CHALLENGE The customer required the creation and implementation of GUI for a 3D scanner which is exceptionally accurate in detecting defects. SOLUTION Using the latest version of .NET Framework and C# we created a modern graphical application to view and inspect factory products with high accuracy. To achieve it we used Windows Presentation Foundation – a toolkit that allows for the creation of a highly responsive and attractive user interface. On the backend, high-precision comparison algorithms were created with the use of a unique library provided by the customer. VALUE DELIVERED: We’ve created a comfortable and functional interface with the touchscreen which provides ease in working with a 3D scanner Hardware notifications, warnings, and errors can be read out from the PLC and sent to the GUI via the PPU. The project was successfully implemented with a hard deadline. Since the previous contractor couldn’t accomplish the task our team should meet client’s expectations to present the ready-to made solution at the automotive exhibition.