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Looking for the company that will help your IT ideas and plans come true? Web and mobile development, IT consulting and prototyping, digital product maintenance and improvements – Silk Data makes all these services available for you.


We have been developing AI models with high data accuracy for more than 10 years, and our key experts have PhD degrees. Our team focused on NLP, AI consulting & development, Machine Learning Engineering, Data Science and application development for the fields of education and e-learning, finance, marketing, retail and ecology. With us, you will have a clear understanding of the entire solution development process thanks to a streamlined process and guaranteed reliable communication. With Silk Data, you can be sure that your data is in good hands. 

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Silk Data
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Timeline: 25 weeks   Amount: 10,001 to 50,000

People are making purchases on their smartphones in greater numbers. Every business wants to be more accessible to its customers, and a mobile application may help with that. See how it helped a German retail chain make new customers and increase loyalty among existing ones. Client overview Our client is one of the Top 10 offline German retail corporations that operates a chain of supermarkets around the country. The company sells wholesale and retail good food and drink in real diversity. The chain has now expanded to more than 90 stores. The client's target audience is city residents who have a neutral attitude towards the supermarket chain and often make purchases there. Challenges The client needed an application that would make its customers more loyal and attract new ones. The number of stores is constantly growing, so the client’s requirement was to make customer experience easier and more convenient with the help of mobile app. The app must be for both Android and iOS. The project is aimed at new and existing clients of the company. The client wanted that customer can: monitor the number of bonuses on their account on the application use their bonus card with mobile app view purchases history track all current discounts: products of the week, promotional offers. Silk Data team has already worked on a mobile application for another German company, and we were eager to find the most inventive and original solution to a new customer's challenge. Solution We decided to develop a product that will benefit the business and the customer at the same time and will also help to establish communication between buyers and stores. We have created an application that is: user-friendly - the interface is intuitive and easy to use effective - the application improves client retention, aids the business in comprehending its clients, and eventually boosts sales informative - the customer sees the real benefit from using the app. As part of this partnership, our team of developers has created a custom application with a user-friendly interface for transparent communication between customers and stores. The system is supported 24/7 due to the large growth of the customer base. Currently, Silk Data continues to provide services for maintaining and supporting the mobile application, as well as developing the solution. Any requests for the project were discussed, and decisions were taken while considering the problem that this proposal would address and how it would facilitate using the application. Solution Key Results The application is available now to download both for Android and iOS. We have optimized and developed the following functions from scratch: The application is helpful and uncluttered. There are only necessary and useful functions that save customer’s time. Loyalty Program. The app has a loyalty program that rewards customers for their purchases, encouraging repeat business. Discount card is always at hand. Buyers do not need to carry plastic cards with them - they are all now in the mobile application. Customers can now plan purchases starting to receive information about sales and discounts. Push notifications. Push notifications allow customers know about new products, promotions, and special offers. Barcode scanner. With a barcode scanner, customers can quickly scan the barcode of a product to get its details, such as the price, weight, and nutritional information, without having to manually search for it. Store locator. A store locator feature is included in the app, which enables customers to find the closest supermarket. Shopping cart. Customers can add products to a virtual cart and review their order before checking out.