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We pride ourselves on being much more than an outsourced development resource; we are a team of product developers. For the last 4 years, we have built more than 20 products for EU & NA startups and established businesses. We are ready to share not only our technical experience but also help with overall product strategy and advice in marketing.

25$-49$ Belarus,Canada 10-49 2014

Amount : 50,001 to 1,00,000 Timeline : 24

a platform that allows to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for a retirement or personal cash account in a simple and safe way. Users can buy, sell and track bitcoin transactions in the app. There’s an ability to create an account in the app, top it up via regular bank transfers or bank API, and get money back on a bank account or crypto wallet. Our team has been working on authentication / authorization, notifications, accounts support, bank accounts management. Tech stack: React, Pug, Redux-Saga, Styled-Components, Jest (+Enzyme), Flow, Storybook

Amount : 10,001 to 50,000 Timeline : 16

a Nike Inc. owned project for kids. The platform allows to rent a pair of kicks for a certain period of time and swap the kicks when the kid outgrew them. We created a user-friendly web and mobile apps on React Native for parents with signing for a membership, ability to search for items, choose a color/size and buy them via the apps. Tech stack: React, React Native, Lottie, Bootstrap, Jest API: Nodejs (+ Hapi), Postgres, Firebase, Stripe

Amount : Not Disclosed Timeline : 8

a UK-based platform that allows finding venues for your events easily. Everything users need to do is to describe their event, venue requirements and the platform will automatically match best venue options. Users receive proposals from venue administrators, compare them in real time and make their choice. We’ve been working on the last portion of platform updates such as messages, admin panel, venue profile improvements and many more. Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Jquery, Erb, Slim, SCSS