Medico Sales & Distribution Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for Medico Sales & Distribution competitor or alternatives? Check and Compare the list of top Pharmaceutical Industry Software that offer similar features at best prices. Automate your business by choosing the best Medico Sales & Distribution competitor that can fulfill your business requirements!

List of A comprehensive list of Medico Sales & Distribution alternatvies and competitors


Pharmaceutical Software BY EMedStore


Get the right sort of medicine at the best price by using the EMedStore. The software comes with ROI approved app which helps pharmaceutical companies to track the delivery process. In addition, it helps to expand the business View Profile


Software BY C-Square Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Go4+ is a comprehensive solution for Pharmaceutical C&F and C&A distribution operations. It is a windows application that controls day to day basis warehouse and distribution activities. The product has been designed for multiple location management. View Profile


Retail store/pharmacy store software solution


C-Square is one of the best pharmaceutical software providers in India. They provide retailing, distribution, stockiest and medical representative software. It is a detailed solution for the stand-alone pharmaceutical retail business in the software. View Profile

Iolite IP Management Software

Iolite IP Managend solutions for IP Lawyers/ Corporates


The Iolite - Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software transforms the office of the IP Owners, Advocates and Solicitors’ and IPR Regulatory Affairs paperless. It helps to track current and pending status of Cases including hearing dates, submissions and communicati View Profile


Software BY C-Square Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


PharmAssist is one of our oldest and also one of the most mature and time-tested products. The product caters to the need for pharmaceutical distribution – wholesale and stockiest. View Profile

LOGIC Pharma Wholesale

ERP for Wholesale & Distribution


Logic Pharma is comprehensive software solution designed especially for wholesale, distribution, and C&F. The best-selling software with the unmatched modular solution with powerful tools more over it takes care of each and every requirement of pharmaceutical business. View Profile


Prozia Pharmaceutical Management Software provides features like product, Vendor and Material Master Records, Batch Management, Stock Management, Sales Invoicing, Oncology User-defined MAR formats, User-defined and Controlled Label Management, Narcotic and Controlled Su View Profile


Software Solution for your Pharma wholesale, Distribution Business


UNISOLVE is a premier software solution for pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution businesses. The software streamlines business operations by offering digital solutions for billing, stock auditing, product inflow, stock selection, online order taking, delivery optimization, real-time reporting, and decision-making. The software reduces the operating costs involved in inventory management, product delivery, and other organizational operations. Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Distribution Read More... View Profile

Uneecops - SAP Business One for SMEs

SAP Business One Implementation & Support


Uneecops SAP Business One is a cost effective, integrated ERP solution for SMEs. Made specifically to meet the demands of small and medium businesses, Uneecops helps you manage your business as per set international standards. Covers all key functions like productions, inventory, finance, sales, HR and more. View Profile


Software for Single-Store Retail Pharmacy/Medical Store/Chemist Store


SwilERP is a premier software that seeks to provide intelligent business solutions for retail pharmacy shops and shop chains. Our pharmacist retail shop software comes with a plethora of features that improve the business system's agility and general productivity. By streamlining their daily/repetitive store tasks, SwilERP serves its users in a variety of ways. SwilERP connects with powerful point-of-sale systems used in retail establishments to conduct customer transactions, receive payments Read More... View Profile


Software by SwaaS Systems Private Limited


HiDoctor is simpler and efficient Pharma SFA (MR Reporting Software). It records data likes doctors based on territory, history of sample details & planning a doctor visit. This pharma sales force automation tool has been designed to ensure benefits the Pharma industry. View Profile


Web Based Sales Force Automation Software


EssentialSFA is Cloud-based software system. It is specially designed to work in offline or Online. When you are offline, you can submit many tasks like order booking, customer view, e-detailing, filling daily reports and more. View Profile


easy-to-use medical billing system


Medical billing, reporting, and handling made easy with Meddoz. Stay in charge of your pharmacy operations with Meddoz's suite of efficient operations and reporting modules. From a single touchpoint, it can manage expenses, settlements, complaints, and accounts. View Profile


Software BY Vanuston Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.


Medeil is a comprehensive, easy-to-implement medical store management system that increases visibility and control of all medical store processes. Medeil benefits from increased accuracy improved service levels and reduced inventory management costs. View Profile

HIS Pharmaceutical Software

Software BY Hades Info Systems


HIS is a short form of Hades Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. The company specially designs software solutions for the retail pharma sector. The main aim of Hades Info Pvt. Ltd. is to become the leader in retail supply chain solutions. View Profile


360 Solution For Distributed Enterprises -


Ecogreen is a flagship product & best suited for multi-store owners with a centralized management system & single store owners aspiring to open a multi-store in the near future. It not only gives the power to manage the business in an efficient manner but also provides insight. View Profile

Medico eDSS

CEO to sales Rep on a common KPI watch tower!


Medico eDSS is typically deployed across the enterprise - CEO, SBU heads, Sales directors, Zonal Managers, Field Managers, and frontline salespeople, finance and accounts, brand managers - 5K - 10K users on a common decision support platform monitoring KPIs. View Profile

Medico SG (Samples & Gifts)

Medico Samples,Gifts & Promotional Inputs Software


Excel specializes in Sales and distribution, logistics planning, secondary sales, product management, Sample and Gifts distribution and allied modules for the pharmaceutical industry. We have over 18 years of experience in Pharmaceutical enterprise software systems. View Profile


GST Ready Process Manufacturing ERP Softwares


PROCESSMASTER ERP solution integrates multiple sites & facets of business, including planning, manufacturing, finance, human resource, sales, and marketing etc. We offer industry-specific solutions that cater to the most complex needs of any manufacturing industries. View Profile

MMI Xpert - ERP

A Unique Solution for every Unique Business


MMI XPERT is an end-to-end answer for SMEs, retailers, wholesalers, traders, and manufacturers operating the entire process from a single window to a whole chain. MMI XPERT is a comprehensive and scalable business that is focusing on high-end growth. View Profile


SFA Reporting tool


Pharmatask is an iOS and android based closed loop marketing and salesforce automation software designed specifically for pharmaceutical organizations. With its extensive planning, e-detailing, reporting, and analytics capabilities. View Profile

GOFRUGAL Pharmacy Software

One Stop solution for all pharmacy & medical shops


GoFrugal's pharmaceutical distribution management software is specially designed for C&A, C&F, Distributors, Stockist, and super-stockists. It covers all major operations like sales, purchase, inventory, re-order, financial accounting, MIS & VAT reports, claims and retu View Profile

FFReporting Pharmaceuticals

Software BY Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd.


FFReporting is hugely successful sales force automation software for reporting of sales representatives of the pharmaceuticals industry, widely known as the medical representative or MR and is an excellent tool as an MR reporting software. View Profile


Software BY VSM Software Pvt Ltd


KEA provides high-quality, flexible, and innovative software development and consulting services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The company has developed an integrated value chain that results in high ROI for our customers in a reasonable time frame. View Profile

SAN SFE - Sales Force Automation

Top Pharma SFA Software Vendor India


SAN SFE is customized, comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative Sales Force Automation software for Pharma and Healthcare Industries. The SAN SFE software is accessible without mobile internet. Currently, SAN SFE software is used by more than 500 clients. It manages your sales metrics, optimizes product penetration, and gets market insights. View Profile


Software , ERP , Cloud


The Best Standalone Indirect taxation solution is one of the Best branches of CAMS-Exact software solution. We have been providing these solutions since 2 decades, which led to our evaluation as the pioneer solution provider of the same. CAMS GST, being where we hold the expertise in doing so, CAMS offers one of GST solution. View Profile


On Demand Delivery App


CereKart is an Online ordering System for food, grocery, flower, medicine, marijuana, laundry, and e-commerce businesses. It’s rich with the latest features that help businesses streamline their processes and increase revenue. CereKart is easy to integrate, fast, reliable, and scalable View Profile


Online Pharmacy app development company


Alteza is a Pharmacy app development company that builds custom pharmacy app for your requirements and we also provide readymade pharmacy app development solutions for every pharmacy need. We relay our services and solutions that can benefit your business in the most correct way. Our solutions will manage and expand your business in the most seamless way.  View Profile

Phyzii Pharma CRM

INTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENTS Most widely used edetailing system


PHYZII is a computerized CRM stage made for the Sales and Marketing elements of Life Sciences organizations to enable their deals force with computerized devices to upgrade efficiency, viability, productivity and work on computerized commitment. View Profile

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