Medeil Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for Medeil competitor or alternatives? Check and Compare the list of top Medical Store Software that offer similar features at best prices. Automate your business by choosing the best Medeil competitor that can fulfill your business requirements!

List of A comprehensive list of Medeil alternatvies and competitors

LOGIC Account

LOGIC Account-A Trusted Name for POS & Wholesale


LOGIC ACCOUNT - Complete retail and wholesale software. It is favorable software for Billing, Inventory & Accounts Functionalities. It is available in two editions as Retail Edition and Whole Sale Edition. View Profile

Health Gennie

hospital management software


Health Gennie is a preventive health care IT concept based on complete health care for anyone in need, provide OPD management, IPD management , LAB management with the right health care at the right time. Patients can get a good and healthy lifestyle by staying connected with health care providers and take control of their health right from their home. View Profile


easy-to-use medical billing system


Medical billing, reporting, and handling made easy with Meddoz. Stay in charge of your pharmacy operations with Meddoz's suite of efficient operations and reporting modules. From a single touchpoint, it can manage expenses, settlements, complaints, and accounts. View Profile

Visual Chemist

Software BY Visual Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.


We are catering quality software to independent pharmacists since 1999. Our honor for quality software and immense support is firmly established. Our retail management software was crafted with the assistance of an extensive network of pharmacists to provide fast results. View Profile


Complete Medical Billing Software for medical, lab and clinics


Pharmiz is complete pharmacy accounting software that is crafted to ease the workload of medical shop professionals. The main attribute includes invoicing, inventory and stock control, accounting, client and vendor management. View Profile

Swastin Pharmacy Management

Software BY Swastin Technologies


Swastin Technologies - PMS is a desktop software for small, medium & large size pharmacy. Software is crafted especially for pharmaceutical dealers and distributors (Wholesale and Retail Chemists) with stock management, expiry calculation, and financial accounts. View Profile

Shubham - Medical Store

Software BY Shubham Software Solutions


Shubham medical store software is useful in stock management, accounting, invoicing in all medical stores. develop desktop applications; multi-tier applications with web-based and large-scale business portals using windows based technologies. View Profile


Software BY Neovante Technologies Pvt Ltd


I-Medicare helps you to attend major activities related to the entire functional areas of the healthcare organization. The product i-Medicare comprises of a cluster of program modules to compile one integrated software system. View Profile


360 Solution For Distributed Enterprises -


Ecogreen is a flagship product & best suited for multi-store owners with a centralized management system & single store owners aspiring to open a multi-store in the near future. It not only gives the power to manage the business in an efficient manner but also provides insight. View Profile

Dragon Medical Practice

Software BY Icons Infocom Pvt. Ltd.


Dragon Medical software helps clinicians – including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and other care providers like pharmacy store, medical store, etc. View Profile


Software BY Atlas Healthcare Software


The AtlasCare™ Suite works with the aim of delivering smart healthcare for better clinical outcomes by empowering care providers with the right information, at the right place, at the right time. View Profile


Digitizing Pharmacies


An all-in-one inventory and order management solution for pharma retailers. It is a comprehensive browser-based application for the pharma industry. Redbook is easy to use interface that saves time and effort in handling over-the-counter and online prescription orders. View Profile

Uniwide HIMS

Ultimate Hospital Management Software


Uniwide hospital information system is majorly procured for hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers to computerize their activity and streamlined all departmental processes in a systematic way. View Profile

MediVision Gold Retail

Mostly used for Medical, Pharma and Drug Shop


MediVision is specially developed for medical, pharma, and drug shops. It envelopes all attributes involved in running an everyday medical retail business, covering point of sales, inventory, and accounting online billing, up to the finalization stage. View Profile

Visual Doctor

Software for Doctor


VisualDoctor software is specially crafted for Orthopedic, Psychiatrist, Dentist, Pathology, Radiology, General practitioner, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, Dermatologist, General Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, Obstetrics and gynecology, etc. It is a useful software for Pharma and healthcare industries. The software provides attributes like Billing and Invoicing, Asset Management, Inventory and Stock Management, Appointment Management, and DataReports Generations. View Profile


World-Class EHR Software at Affordable Price


eClinic System is an end to end medical clinic and practice management Solution. This software is Best suited for Clinics, Individual doctors and third-party billing enterprises. This is configurable software and available at Cloud-hosted and on-premises both option. View Profile


Software BY Nuesoft Technologies Inc.


Our easy-to-use software simplifies your practice management and billing operations. File accurate claims and see quicker reimbursements with our medical billing software. View Profile


ProMed Hospital Management System


ProMed, a cross-platform enterprise application package for Clinical Data Management and Analysis. ProMed is suitable for multi-speciality hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. View Profile


Manage your Clinic & Hospital Administration


Metizsoft Solutions is more a ‘team’ than a company, of around 100 high-end professionals having expertise in Website Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development. View Profile

MediXcel EMR

Medical software for Clinics, Labs & Health N/Ws


A simple to use Electronic Medical Record & Practice Management software for Clinics and Clinical Software Chains. Browser based software deployed on your Local Area Network or the Cloud as per your need. Provide Accessible, On Time and Patient Centric care with managed Workflow and Reminders. View Profile


Software , ERP , Cloud


The Best Standalone Indirect taxation solution is one of the Best branches of CAMS-Exact software solution. We have been providing these solutions since 2 decades, which led to our evaluation as the pioneer solution provider of the same. CAMS GST, being where we hold the expertise in doing so, CAMS offers one of GST solution. View Profile


Halemind Best EMR & Clinic Software


Halemind is dedicated to assisting you to care for health effects. Halemind is an ingenious, leading-edge, and connected Electronic Health Record and Hospital Management System that provides insightful, actionable, and focused data to automate your day-to-day operations. View Profile


On Demand Delivery App


CereKart is an Online ordering System for food, grocery, flower, medicine, marijuana, laundry, and e-commerce businesses. It’s rich with the latest features that help businesses streamline their processes and increase revenue. CereKart is easy to integrate, fast, reliable, and scalable View Profile


Software Solution for your Pharma wholesale, Distribution Business


UNISOLVE is a premier software solution for pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution businesses. The software streamlines business operations by offering digital solutions for billing, stock auditing, product inflow, stock selection, online order taking, delivery optimization, real-time reporting, and decision-making. The software reduces the operating costs involved in inventory management, product delivery, and other organizational operations. Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Distribution Read More... View Profile


On-Demand Home Services


Customer-centric, top-quality home services app, apt for all kinds of home service businesses. This ready-to-use solution comes with a comprehensive dashboard, multiple payment modes and provides you with advanced reports so that you get a 360-degree business view. Take your business to the next level with this stunning, easy-to-use solution View Profile


With the advent of technology , the Health Sector World has also become hugely dependent upon several technological solutions . Just because of this condition, it has become vital for every hospital or Health Sector to use the latest inventions to match steps with counterparts. Keeping this requirement in mind, brilliant technical minds configured system-friendly Hospital Management Software - Camwel Corporate Solution Pvt Ltd. View Profile

Convergehub CRM

Customer Lifecycle Management CRM with Sales, Marketing, Service and Billing to grow your business


ConvergeHub is an enterprise-grade CRM, with Sales, Marketing, Support and Billing, for managing all customer related activities from one unified platform. It is a high-horsepower business-growth platform built for small and mid-size businesses. You can use ConvergeHub to accomplish all customer related activities through every stage of the customer lifecycle. Use it to attract leads, send campaigns, nurture prospects, close sales, answer support tickets, generate contracts, store d Read More... View Profile

LOGIC Pharma Retail

ERP for Pharmaceuticals, Chemists, Fertilizers


Logic-Pharma-Rx is complete software solution is specially designed for pharmaceutical. It provides comprehensive solution for Chemist the best-selling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools more over it takes care of each and every requirement of Chemist. View Profile


smart accounting software for growing business


Dicatalyst is giving 1-month free trial. You can use this Software on your System as we on Cloud. Don't worry about your data. in Dicatalyst software you will get many reliable features, there are some advanced features in this which is not available in market. View Profile

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