5 Reasons Why Plagiarized Content Cannot Rank in SERPs

5 Reasons Why Plagiarized Content Cannot Rank in SERPs

  1. If you are a writer then you must be known about the importance of unique content. There are many things that can be disturbed by using duplicated content.
  2. First of all, let’s get to the concept of SERPs. SERPs is the abbreviation of search engine results page and what you searched on the search engine will be displayed on these pages.
  3. But can it be possible to write content that is 100 percent unique?
  4. Yes, it is possible but you need to focus on some things and some steps that can be really helpful in making your content unique.
  5. Now the question arises that why it is needed to attain uniqueness especially when we are willing to rank on SERPs?
  6. We are going to discuss all these questions below so, have a look below but it needs to be begun from the beginning.

What is plagiarized content?

  1. The simplest concept of plagiarism is when you copied anything from the internet and you claimed that copied content was your own.
  2. It can be really disgraceful and harmful when you are going to use plagiarized content but the good thing is, you can easily avoid it.
  3. All you need to do is, follow some steps that can help you in making the text unique and you can also use some tools for doing this job.
  4. When we talk about the plagiarism checking tools that can help attain uniqueness then we can say that a paraphrasing tool or an article rewriter can help us regarding this.

Is it easy to check and remove plagiarism?

  1. As we have mentioned above removing plagiarism is very easy and you just need to follow some steps to avoid duplication or plagiarism.
  2. The very first step is to highlight duplication and that is only possible by using an online plagiarism checker.
  3. After checking or highlighting duplication, you can easily remove that highlighted duplication.
  4. And we have also mentioned the tools that are used to remove plagiarism and these tools are paraphrasing tools or an article rewriter.
  5. We can that after using these tools, we can easily attain complete uniqueness and avoid every kind of duplication from our content.

why plagiarized content cannot rank in SERPs

Why do we need to avoid plagiarized content?

  1. There is not just one effect of using plagiarized content but we can say that there are a number of effects that encourage us to avoid duplication or plagiarism.
  2. Some of the effects are just basic but many of them can seriously be harmful to your blog or your website.
  3. And we are writing this guide just to let you know about the importance of avoiding duplication and how it can be harmful to you.
  4. So, let’s have a look at the listed effects of using plagiarized content.
  • Professional reputation

  1. Let’s take an example of a blog or a website, you can easily convince your readers by your website if you have a good professional reputation.
  2. But how do make a good professional reputation?
  3. It is pretty simple to make your worth or make a good professional reputation over the internet. All you need to do is, avoid duplication and some other things.
  4. Here, we are specifically talking about duplication but it doesn’t mean all the other factors are meant to be ignored.
  5. If we talk about plagiarized content, it will surely destroy your professional reputation and it is quite obvious we personally don’t like to read copied content.
  6. And same goes for our audience because they are at our blog or website to listen to us not others. We recommend you maintain a good reputation because it can be very difficult to regain.
  • Destroy SEO effort

  1. As we all know that if we are willing to get good rankings on SERPs then we need to make our SEO very strong.
  2. But it is not something fictional or theoretical, you need to take some practical steps.
  3. And the first of all these steps is avoiding duplication it can be very easy to do this job and as we have mentioned above you just need to invest your concentration and skills.
  4. But uniqueness is not the only thing to focus and plagiarism is not the only thing to avoid, there are many more things to focus on and avoid.
  5. When you are willing to rank your content or to rank your website, some things are meant to focus on actuality and some things are meant to be ignored badly.
  6. We can say that attaining uniqueness or writing unique content must be time-consuming but it will surely pay you off.
  7. But if you will still use copied or plagiarized content then it can be really very harmful to your blog or website.
  • Search engine penalties

  1. It is quite obvious that when you will use other people's work, they will surely protest and then you can get search engine penalties.
  2. We have seen that by using plagiarized content, rankings instantly drop down and it is pretty clear that regaining rankings can be a difficult and time-consuming task.
  3. And the traffic of your website may also get affected so, it is compulsory to avoid plagiarism while writing content.
  • Decline traffic

  1. Will it seem good when you lose your traffic just by using copied content?
  2. Definitely not, but it is quite clear that when you will use plagiarized or copied content, you will surely be declining your traffic.
  3. And a point comes where you’ll have zero traffic and then regaining the traffic can be very difficult or time-consuming.
  4. Today, technology gets very advanced and the Google crawlers can easily find duplication in your content, and then it will not let you gain traffic.
  5. And when we own a website, the first thing we need is the traffic so, we have to be focused and maintain the traffic.
  6. There are many more factors that can decline traffic but if we say that duplication is at the top of the list then it is not wrong.
  • Copyright strikes

  1. Not only content, if you will copy anything, but you must also face copyright strikes. And it mainly happens when you use something as it is without bothering to change even a single character.
  2. And it is not wrong to say that these strikes can be very discouraging and harmful so, if you want to make yourself safe from these strikes then you need to avoid duplication and attain uniqueness.


The main thing is choosing the right approach and right steps, the things will become easier for sure but if you don’t do that, you must face many difficulties. We have focused on the importance of writing and using unique content when you are really willing to rank on SERPs.

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