Exclusive Interview with Jayashree, CEO Of Techmango

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Exclusive Interview with Jayashree, CEO Of Techmango

Introduction about your company and a brief contribution of yours in the IT Service Business? 

Techmango is a leading IT services, consulting, technology services, and digital business organization that rules the digital world through agility, innovation, and collective knowledge. It is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001 and a CMMI Level 3 certified company in India. 

Our cross-functional team of developers and resolute IT professionals stays at the forefront of technology and offers top-tier digital business solutions including complete IT services, Data Analytics services, Custom Software/Web app and Mobile app development, UI/UX design, AI & ML development, Cloud migration, Software Testing, and so on. We make the best use of advanced technologies such as Talend, Informatica, Azure Data Factory, AWS Glue, Tableau, Power BI, Hive, Jaspersoft, Apache Spark, Kinesis, TensorFlow, various open source and Microsoft technologies such as Java, MEAN, MERN, Python, DotNet, React Native, Native Mobile, Flutter and so on.

Techmango, with its subject matter experts, commitment to on-time delivery, and unsurpassable 10 years of expertise across 50+ industries and 10+ countries, acted as a game-changer in the digital makeover of innumerable 150+ global brands. With design thinking and a keen focus on the development of next-gen digital business solutions, we focus on attaining a benchmark of excellence in the IT service world.

Inception story of Techmango

Sticking to the vision of empowering businesses with unique IT services, our founder, Jayshree embarked on a new IT venture in 2006 which paved the way for establishing Techmango in Madurai in the year 2014 as a part of his digital conglomerate initiative. Started as a small IT service-providing company, Techmango has now grown as a renowned IT service provider serving millions of global brands across multitudinous industrial sectors. With our holistic portfolio of IT services, we continue to completely fulfill our client’s IT service needs and make a huge difference in the IT sector. 

How is your business model beneficial to the clients compared to your competitors?

  • Techmango collaborates with businesses by serving as their reliable Technology Offshore partner, Center of Excellence (CoE) for complete IT service needs, and Committed team/ IT staff augmentation/ Resource provider for the existing technology base. So, businesses can opt for any of these unique and reliable IT services with zero compromise in quality and speed. They can make the best use of those solutions based on their specific business needs and goals.
  • This will eventually enable business owners to grow exponentially with our cost-effective services. In a nutshell, with our transparent and flexible pricing plans for our IT services, pre-planning, and the proper execution of solutions with perfection, we take our clients’ businesses towards flourishing growth in the cutthroat market. 

Which sectors are your targeted audiences? 

  • We serve numerous global brands across different business sectors such as healthcare, education, logistics, manufacturing, ecommerce, entertainment, real estate, social networking, and so on. With our comprehensive IT services, industry-leading experts, and best-kept values of perseverance, commitment, and quality, we have been partnering with great brands and playing a key role in digital transformational journeys over the years.  

What is the percentage of your repetitive customers? 

  • The percentage of our repetitive customers is consistently above 90%. We are able to reach this milestone with the perfect completion of our software projects with the use of various powerful and highly advanced technologies. We focus on fulfilling customer needs with on-time delivery of high-quality products and agile methodologies. 

Challenges faced by you during the seed stage 

  • During the initial stage with just 30 professionals, we faced challenges in completely understanding and meeting our client’s exact IT business needs in keeping pace with the emerging technologies. We then focused on enlarging our expert team with energetic and highly-skilled cross-functional professionals and embraced several modern technologies and frameworks to get ahead of the fierce competition in the IT service sector. With continuous innovation and enhancements in our top-class software products, we have today grown as a leading IT service provider ruling the digital world. 

Who is your idol? 

  • Elon Musk’s ability in overcoming his technical, financial, personal, and public criticism inspired me a lot in facing business challenges with a strong work ethic, persistence, resilience, and commitment to goals. Despite the myriad challenges, I firmly stick to our mission of meeting our client’s needs with world-class IT services and distinctive software product-based business evolution. This made us deliver 180+ successful projects irrespective of business size and make a mass difference in the IT sector.   

What are the four pillars of your company? 

Techmango's four pillars include a team of enthusiastic and energetic highly-skilled professionals, continual innovations to keep pace with the trend, steady enhancements to our software products depending on customer feedback and market trends, a customer-centric approach to deliver exceptional value, and maintaining long-term partnerships. 

Lessons learned by you in this entrepreneurial journey 

  • Customers are diverse and so without a diverse team, it will not be possible to snatch great ideas and opportunities. So, we at Techmango, as a team, focus on understanding our entire customer base and work towards fulfilling their IT service needs. We learned to know who are our competitors and make our services unique and effective to stand out from others in this digital age. 

What is the mission and vision of your company? 

  • Our mission is to deliver best-in-class and cost-effective IT services and solutions to global clients to help them facilitate exponential growth and sustainable profitability with state-of-the-art standards. Our vision is to reinforce businesses with the finest IT services and revolutionize the IT service industry by fostering continual innovation and enhancements to our broad range of holistic IT services. This will enable us to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital world. We focus on continuing as the most trusted IT service partner for our clients across the globe and make a positive impact on their overall business success

How Techimply was helpful to you?

  • Techimply serves as the best platform for software seekers and service buyers to find the right IT firms and business partners for their unique needs. Techimply paves the way for us to reach millions of potential buyers, enhance credibility and industry-wise value, and generate highly-qualified leads within a short span of time. This eventually helps us drive our business with better opportunities.

What are your views regarding Techimply?

  • Techimply is playing a key role in boosting the visibility of numerous IT firms among software seekers and service buyers. So, IT service providers can build a reputation and boost online lead generation with Techimply. In a nutshell, Techimply helps businesses in capturing the attention of the target audience, maintain status, and boosting sales without any hassles. 

One thing which you believe lead you to create this venture and that belief has stayed until now in you

  • My firm belief in hard work and perseverance has led me to create this successful IT service business venture over the years and that belief stays with me to this day. My strong determination in serving my clients with quality and reliable  IT solutions helps me stay ahead of the fierce competition in the IT services industry. 

About the Founder:

Mrs. Jayasree Suresh is a Strategist, Motivational leader, and Administrator with 18 years of immense IT industry expertise in business management, customer management, cross-functional team handling towards a long-term vision, and forming a winning team. She overcame many complicated business challenges and made important decisions with a perfect work ethic and integrity. She has a track record of generating outstanding results in the operational performance and growth of manpower. 

CEO Of Techmango: Mrs. Jayashree

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