Delta Sales App Review – An App that empowers your field sales team

Ankit Dhamsaniya
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Delta Sales App Review – An App that empowers your field sales team

In this review, we will cover “Delta Sales App”, an app popular among field sales teams.

What is Delta Sales App?

Delta Sales App is a very easy to use field sales automation app that eliminates the need of manual order taking procedure. The app enables the field sales people to create orders from the mobile app - online or offline. The app helps to maintain and manage customers’ details and gives insight on the customer's sales.  Not only this, the app also helps to plan day to day activities for the sales people.

Who is it for?

The App is for the FMCG industries and businesses who are looking for affordable sales automation and field route planning software. It is highly recommended for the manufacturers and distributors who want to automate all the sales team processes.

What can you expect after implementing this app?

Each of your sales reps can save up to 30% of their time, which means they will be able to visit 30% more customers, which can bring you more sales.

Delta Sales App is rich in its features. We would be covering only the top 20 features which we particularly found interesting.

  1. Employee Live tracking: The web panel allows to view the live location of the users in the field. Also the daily GPS path for the users can be checked.

  1. Order management: The app allows users to generate orders from the mobile app. The sales manager can easily see all the orders consolidated automatically in one platform.

  1. Inventory: The app also allows tracking the inventory. Salesman’s order generation can be restricted as per inventory status.

  1. Beat planning: The app helps to create single day or recurring beat plans for the field sales people.  The field sales team can then follow their route.

  1. Product management: Users can add products, assign certain products to specific sales team members. App also allows for Custom rate setup based on each party as well as schemes.

  1. Accounting: The app allows for generating Outstanding reports based on orders and collection. Also outstanding can be imported from any other accounting package.

  1. Employee attendance:  The app helps to generate and keep track of the users’ daily and monthly attendance.

  1. Activities management: Activities can be scheduled from the web panel as well as from the mobile app. Activities help to plan important calls, meetings and visits.

  1. Dispatch and delivery: Dispatch and delivery helps to keep track of the orders delivered or in transit. It can be set up along with the inventory for proper stock management.

  1. Expense management: The app allows the field sales people as well as admins to manage expenses.

  1. Customer notes and complaints: The “Notes” features allows users to create party notes, complaints, or requirements along with the images.

  1. Zero orders: The Zero Orders is useful to record the reasons when the customers don't place any order due to any reasons.  

  1. Tally integration: The app can be integrated with the popular accounting software like Tally ERP, Busy, QuickBooks, Zoho Books.

  1. Employee target : The admins or managers can assign daily, monthly or weekly targets to the employees. These targets can be based on the volume or number  of orders, collection or number of visits or new parties added.

  1. Customer visit tracking: The users can mark visits from the mobile app whenever they are visiting any customer. The admis or managers can view the GPS location of the users where they had marked the visit. Photos can also be taken while they're on visit.

  1. Check-in & check-out location: The checkin and checkout location details are available in the reports.

  1. End of the day report: This is very helpful for the admins or managers who want to see the brief report of the work done by the field sales people including the orders.  The users can share their EOD pdf or excel file via WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps.

  1. Outstanding reports: Based on the collection, the outstanding reports for the parties can be generated from the reports section. Also the app has the Aging-payment breakdown report where outstanding can be viewed within a certain day-frame.

  1. Different sales report: The app provides  different sales reports which is more than enough for the businesses that they are targeting. These reports include Product wise, salesman wise, party wise, order breakdown reports.

  1. Product Returns: The users can create the logs of the products which are being returned for certain reasons or issues.

What makes Delta Sales App a compelling product?

This app is very useful for businesses with a large customer base. With the increase in customers, it is difficult to manage and track sales. This is where the Delta Sales app comes into play. For any business to run efficiently, it is necessary to have reports. Reports give insight on the day-to-day activities and help to target shortcomings. With the Delta Sales app, we can generate various sales and activities reports. One of the best things about the app is that the app works offline. It is not possible for the field users to be online every time. The app allows users to make orders, add collections and mark visits offline. The users can connect to the internet anytime and sync the data.

How is the support offered by Delta Sales App?

The Delta Tech’s Customer Support Team offers support via email, call and live chat. They do also offer a support help desk for  product related queries.  They also offer WhatsApp Support to advanced users.

Do they provide training?

Delta Tech provides training for the Delta Sales App, it is included in the after sales services. The training session can be split between the Field Sales People App training as well as training for the admin panel.

Should you choose Delta Sales App for your business?

Yes, if you are into the FMCG business and planning to grow your business, this app will help you to automate your sales and plan accordingly. Also you can forget about manually generating all those excel reports of sales, Delta Sales App will take care of that.  It saves time for sales management and data is consolidated at one place.

What about the pricing?

Regarding the pricing, we have found that the app is within the budget. There are no overhaul costs. You pay for what you use. Also you can opt for the plans that fit your requirements. The pricing is based on per user per month basis. The billing is done annually.  

How do I contact them?

The Delta Tech Sales team can be reached via phone, email or chat.

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