An On-demand Business with Top Features Apps

An On-demand Business with Top Features Apps

Launch a business that becomes an instant hit in the market with the Gojek Clone App. This app is a multi-service platform where your customers can easily book 101+ on-demand services.

The services which your customers can book include on-demand taxi rides, grocery delivery, parcel delivery, online video consultations, and more. 

If you launch this app, you will be able to escalate your profits and business at the same time! Let’s get into more details and see why it is the perfect solution for your business. 

Launch an On-demand Business with the Gojek-like App

In today’s time, developing an app like Gojek Clone and launching a fully-fledged business has become easy. Entrepreneurs get the pre-built apps and white-label them according to their requirements. 

Now, once they have the white-label app ready, they are submitted to the iOS and Android Stores. Once the application is approved by the Stores, customers can start downloading and installing them. 

With over 101 services and multiple features, this Gojek Clone App has become the best business solution for any entrepreneur who wants to win the competition quickly and make easy money! 

To develop and launch this multi-service app, the white-labeling experts need to integrate every essential component of your choice. It includes the color/theme of the app, brand name & logo, etc. 

Features You Need in Your Multi-service App 

Since you are developing a multi-service app, you need to ensure that it integrates some of the latest and most advanced features. 

  • Online video consultation 

Allows your customers to book an online video consultation with lawyers, doctors, tutors, fitness coaches, and even astrologers. 

After the pandemic, people are more likely to use online services so that they don’t have to go outside. Say, a patient would like to get at-home consultation from their General Physician, rather than visit the clinic. 

Emergency medical services on Gojek Clone App 

Enable your customers to book essential medical services ( Medical store software) in an emergency. Under this, customers can immediately book an ambulance, order Blood/Plasma from Blood Bank, book an appointment with the doctor, etc.

Here, customers can also track the location of the provider, pay online, chat, and voice call to communicate with the ambulance driver, and so on. 

  • Real-time bidding 

Start bidding for handyman services in real time with this application. Now your customers can sit at their homes, find, negotiate, and book a carpenter, home painter, plumber, etc. 

This means that they don’t have to make manual calls to talk with the handyman, get quotes, and do all the other hard work just to hire a professional from a nearby locality. Moreover, the providers and customers can ‘negotiate’ in real-time through the app itself! 

  • Contactless delivery 

Gojek Clone App allows your customers to opt for contactless deliveries. Here, the delivery driver will come to the doorstep and place the order in front of the door. 

They will then click the picture of the order placed at the door on the app and inform the customers. With in-app push notifications, customers will get notified about the delivery and collect it from the respective place. 

In other words, it is similar to the similar at-home delivery service. However, the only difference is that the order isn’t handed over to the customer directly. Thus, avoiding hand-to-hand contact. 

  • Different user preferences  

Through the Gojek Clone App, your users can set different preferences during a taxi ride. The users get two preferences to choose from. 

  1. Taxi with a child seat 

  2. Taxi with Handicap Accessibility. 

Now depending on what the customer chooses, a nearby taxi driver with these facilities is sent the ride request. 

OTP verification to start the task 

OTP verification is seen as the added layer of security for customers. Moreover, the providers with the help of OTP verification can ensure that the service is delivered to the right person. 

The 4-digit code is sent to the customer’s registered mobile number or email address. Once the service provider reaches the location, they will ask for the verification code. It is only after they enter the OTP that can they start the task. 

  • Automatic Summary Invoice Generation 

Upon completion of the task or trip, the invoice summary is generated automatically. This invoice pops up on the screen of both the user and the provider’s app. 

The invoice summary is automatically generated. Thus, there is no confusion related to the amount to be paid/received! Also, the invoice mentions all the details of the service like day, date & time, basic fare, ride number, service location address, etc., including the cost-break-down. 

Moreover, to ensure that your customers can comfortably and easily book a service, integrate all of the following features. 

  1. Top-up wallet balance 
  2. Set destination later 
  3. Payments via credit card 
  4. Check booking history 
  5. Mark driver/provider as favorite 

But First, Test the Gojek Clone App Demo! 

Launching a feature-rich app ensures that you offer your customers the best services of all time! 

Well, this also means that before you think about investing in the app, you need to thoroughly check the demo app! 

Take this test drive beforehand so that you won't regret investing your hard-earned money into a low-quality app! However, if you approach a well-established white-labeling firm, they will automatically provide you with access to their demo app. 

Furthermore, they will ensure that you have enough time on your hands to take note of 

  1. App’s quality 
  2. Pre-integrated features and services 
  3. UI/UX of the app 

During the demo app trial, jot down where you want to integrate your brand’s name and logo, which languages, currencies, SMS & payment gateways to add to the app, etc. You can also suggest the color theme that you want! 


Summing up, purchasing the Gojek Clone App will help you make more money while providing your customers with a convenient way of getting their chores done.

Quickly get the Gojek Clone Demo and start testing it. Once you think that it is the right solution for you, place the order and allow the developers to start the development. 

Connect with the experts ASAP so that you get the first-mover advantage of launching a multi-service app in your region! 

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